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Winnebago County, IL Tree Care
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One of the most important services tree companies in Lake Summerset, IL offer is tree pruning. Periodic tree pruning not only keeps your trees healthy and safe, but proper tree pruning can prevent some tree damage from ever occuring.

Heavy, wet snow or ice can weigh down tree branches causing them to break. Sometimes multi-trunked trees will split apart from the weight of too much snow or ice. Preventative tree pruning in the fall or early winter can reduce the risk of catastrophic damage when the next ice or snow storm hits Lake Summerset.

Quality tree services in Lake Summerset perform maintenance pruning by removing excess interior tree branches and by pruning trees so the branches that remain are properly spaced along the trunk of the tree. When tree branches are pruned off of larger tree limbs the weight on these limbs is reduced. By pruning off some of the branches on a large limb it is less likely that limb will break if it is subjected to a heavy snow or ice load. Additional preventative measures include reducing the length of heavy tree branches, removing large dead tree branches, and installing support cables to strengthen weak branch unions.

It's not too late to prune your trees if the leaves have already fallen off. Tree pruning arborists in Lake Summerset can tell if a branch is alive or dead even if the leaves have fallen off the tree. A live branch will have buds at the end of the branches where the new leaves will grow from next spring.

If you are a tree service company or arborist in Illinois and would like to see your company information displayed on this page, please visit our Tree Service Advertising page for more information.

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