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Will County, IL Tree Care
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  • Lawn seeding
  • Tree removal / replacement
  • Shrub removal / replacement
  • Grinding out tree or shrub stumps
  • Design-phase tree / shrub recommendations


  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree fertilization
  • Tree cabling & bracing
  • Tree insect pest control
  • Ornamental tree pruning
  • Emerald Ash Borer control
  • Stump grinding / stump removal
  • Mite control on trees and shrubs
  • Disease control on trees & shrubs
  • Air excavation to remove girdling tree roots

Our arborists will be happy to help you with your tree care or lawn maintenance needs. Our tree, shrub, and landscape services include:


From Frankfort to Joliet Park, tree trimming is one of the most popular tree care services we perform. Trees are the most valuable asset in your landscape and tree trimming should be performed by professional arborists.

There are many reasons to prune a tree including cutting back tree branches from a house or driveway, trimming low branches to increase mowing or road clearance, or pruning dead branches from a tree. Our arborists can professionally prune your small, ornamental trees to keep them in shape and healthy or trim tree branches that are rubbing against your roof.

No matter what the need for tree trimming is our tree climbing arborists will properly prune your trees, haul away the tree branches, rake up small tree branches, and sweep up under the branch chipper for a spotless clean-up.


The structure of some trees makes them more susceptible to losing large branches or, in the case of multi-stemmed trees, for whole tree trunks to break off of the rest of the tree. Tree cabling & bracing may prevent trees with a weak structure from being damaged. Even with tree cabling & bracing it’s still possible for a tree to fail, but in most cases this tree care service can extend the useful life of the tree in your landscape. If tree cabling & bracing is not going to improve the stability of your tree our arborists will let you know that too, and will may recommend tree removal.


There are hundreds of tree and shrub species that will grow in Will County. Some of these tree and shrub species are relatively disease-free, while other landscape plants are infected with tree diseases every year. Our professional arborists can advise you on what tree or shrub species may need to receive fungicide treatments to prevent significant damage from tree diseases. Multiple tree spraying treatments are usually necessary to control tree diseases, but tree trunk injections can be done to control some tree diseases.


Many Arborists are responsible for helping and saving thousands of trees in Fairmont, Ingalls Park, Lockport, Mokena, New Lenox and the surrounding cities in Will County. Nonetheless, there are situations where tree removal cannot be avoided. With the spread of Emerald Ash Borer around the Chicago area even more tree removals will probably be necessary unless homeowners start to treat their trees to control Emerald Ash Borer.

We are often called up to remove dead trees, remove hazardous trees, or remove a tree that is damaging a driveway, sidewalk, or patio. Sometimes tree removal is necessary to accommodate new construction or to make room for a new landscaping design.

When storms strike our arborists and tree crews react quickly to remove fallen trees from houses, clean up fallen tree branches, prune broken tree branches, or remove fallen trees from yards. If you have a storm-damaged tree our arborists can advise you if it is possible to save the tree or if tree removal would be your best option.

Our arborists can safely remove any tree no matter where on your property it is located. It’s not uncommon for our tree climbing arborists to use lowering ropes to get tree branches safely to the ground. This tree removal technique minimizes the impact of the tree removal on your surrounding landscape plantings.


No matter where you live in Will County, whether it’s in Frankfort, Joliet, or Mokena, there’s several insect pests with an appetite for your valuable trees and shrubs. You can count on the arborists at 4 Seasons Arbor Care to make the best recommendations to keep your trees and shrubs as healthy as possible. Insect pests on trees and shrubs can be controlled by tree spraying, soil injections, or tree trunk injections. Our arborists will recommend the best option, taking into consideration the insect pest to be controlled and the tree species involved.

We offer a wide array of tree services and lawn care services to help your trees, shrubs, and lawn. We provide both tree services and lawn care services to residential and commercial clients in:

  • Fairmont
  • Frankfort
  • Ingalls Park
  • Joliet
  • Lockport
  • Mokena
  • New Lenox
  • And surrounding communities
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It’s only natural to grind a stump after a tree removal job is completed. Leaving a tree stump creates an eyesore in the landscape that just isn’t necessary. There are also more landscaping options available if stump grinding is done after a tree removal. If the tree stump wasn’t too large it may be possible to plant a new tree in the same area after stump grinding. Planting new shrubs, perennial plants, or annual flowers is easier if stump grinding is done. If the tree was in a lawn area then the stump grinding chips can be removed, replaced with topsoil, and the stump grinding area can be seeded or sodded. This is a much better alternative than looking at, and mowing around, a decaying stump for several years. The stump grinding chips may also be able to be used in another area of your landscape.


First discovered in Cook County and Kane County in 2006, the invasive Emerald Ash Borer is making its presence known to the Ash trees in Will County in a big way. While most tree borers only attack stressed trees, the Emerald Ash Borer will attack and kill perfectly healthy Ash trees. The Emerald Ash Borer usually takes 2 - 4 years to kill an Ash tree depending on the age and health of the Ash tree. If you have an Ash tree in your landscape that you want to save we urge you to start having Emerald Ash Borer control treatments done now. The Emerald Ash Borer will be inside your Ash tree, feeding on the cambium tissue, for at least a year before there is any outward sign of its presence!


Our arborists know that healthy trees not only make your landscape look better, but they are more resistant to tree diseases and insect pests. Our tree specialists know that not all trees should necessarily receive the same tree fertilizer. Pin Oak and Red Maple trees with yellow leaves, for instance, should receive micronutrient fertilization. The micronutrient our arborist recommends depends on what species of tree is in need of fertilizing. Our arborists can bypass weak root systems or poor soil conditions by injecting micronutrients directly into the trunk of the tree. A micronutrient trunk injection will usually keep your tree leaves green for two or more growing seasons.


Mites are similar to, but not exactly the same as, insect pests on trees and shrubs. Having tree spraying done to control insect pests doesn’t necessarily insure that mites will also be controlled.

Mites generally fall into two broad categories - cool season mites and warm season mites. Cool season mites commonly attack evergreen plants such as Spruce trees or Arborvitae plants. Warm season mites, on the other hand, are most commonly seen on Burning Bush shrubs or other deciduous shrubs.

Miticides - as opposed to insecticides - are used to control mites on trees or shrubs. Our arborists know how to diagnose mite infestations and can recommend the proper control methods to eliminate mites or minimize the damage to your landscape plants caused by mites.


When it’s necessary to investigate tree root disorders our arborists use an air excavation tool. The air excavation tool allows us to remove the soil around tree roots, or the tree trunk, without damaging delicate feeder roots or tree bark.

Our air excavation tool is commonly used to check for and remove girdling tree roots. Air excavation around the tree trunk can also reveal if something else, such as twine or a wire planting basket is girdling the tree trunk.


Lawn fertilization and weed control treatments are usually done in a single visit. We offer both one-time treatments and annual lawn fertilization and weed control programs. Our lawn fertilization is applied as a granular treatment and the weed control is applied as a liquid. When you sign up for our annual lawn fertilization program your lawn care treatments will be evenly spaced throughout the growing season which allows us to keep your lawn thick and green all year long.


The white grubs that feed on lawn roots are the larvae of various beetle insects such as the Japanese Beetle or European Chafer. Tree spraying will reduce the population of some of the adult beetles, but directly controlling the lawn grubs will give you better results. If lawn grubs are not controlled then it may be necessary to reseed or resod large portions of your lawn. Grub control treatments should be watered into the lawn after they are applied in order to receive the greatest benefit from this insect control treatment.


Lawn aeration, also known as lawn aerification, core aerification, or lawn aerating, is a mechanical process we use to increase the flow of air, water, and nutrients to the root zone of your lawn. For your lawn to be as thick and green as possible the root system of your lawn must be healthy. Lawn aeration accomplishes this goal. Lawn aeration also helps reduce soil compaction and minimizes thatch buildup in your lawn. For most residential and commercial lawns one lawn aeration per growing season is adequate.


Lawn fertilization alone is not enough to help some lawns. If you have a thin lawn we can help improve its appearance and beauty with lawn seeding. Fall is the best time for lawn seeding, but there is a small window in the spring when we can schedule lawn seeding for you. If you think you might need spring lawn seeding contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment as the spring lawn seeding window is very narrow.


Our care of trees isn’t limited to maintaining existing trees and shrubs. We are also available to plant trees or shrubs. Our arborists are knowledgeable of the many tree and shrub species that thrive in Will County and will advise you accordingly. Spring and fall are the best times of the year for tree and shrub planting in Will County. We can also plant evergreen trees in Will County in the fall up until the ground freezes.


Whether you live in Frankfort, Mokena, or Joliet, landscaping is a serious investment into your home or business. Planting the wrong tree species or planting the right tree species in the wrong location is a waste of your money. Either the tree will fail or the tree will need to be removed before it even has a chance to reach maturity. Likewise, unknowingly planting high-maintenance trees or trees that are highly susceptible to insect or disease pests unnecessarily increases the long-term maintenance costs of a landscaping project. Too many landscapers in Will County don’t consider, or aren’t aware of, the long term ramifications of the trees and shrubs they recommend planting.

Our arborists can advise you on the pros and cons of each of the tree or shrub species you are considering for your landscaping design. Our years of maintaining trees and shrubs after they have been planted gives us the unique advantage of being to advise you on the best trees or shrubs for your landscaping design. We see thousands of mis-planted trees and shrubs every year and can help you avoid making these same mistakes in your landscape design.

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