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Many landscapes in Wayne County, Michigan have mature trees. The larger your landscape trees are the greater the likelihood is that you could have a hazardous tree. Hazardous trees are identified as trees that have an obvious structural defect and a target. The identification of hazardous trees is best done by a tree service that employees an ISA Certified Arborist.

With the experience of inspecting thousands of healthy trees in the metro Detroit area, an experienced local arborist can often identify tree defects not easily seen by the average homeowner. The possibility of a crack in a tree trunk or large branch or some other tree defect increases as a tree ages. An arborist can help you decide if the hazard in the tree can be mitigated or if the hazardous tree should be removed.

If tree removal is not necessary a tree service can offer several options to reduce the hazard that exists in the tree. The tree service may be able to trim out a broken or cracked tree limb. Tree cabling can be done to support weak tree branches or shore up weak trunk unions. Tree trimming can also reduce the weight a weak tree branch needs to support.

Here is a brief list of what an arborist looks for when determining hazardous tree identification:

*Fungal growth on a tree trunk.
*Bulges in a tree trunk.
*Cracks in a tree trunk or cracks in large tree limbs.
*Raised soil around the base of the tree or a leaning tree.
*Creaking or cracking noise in a tree.
*Mushrooms growing under a tree.
*Cavities in a tree trunk or in large limbs.

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