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Washington County OR Tree Service
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The trees in West Haven, OR not only beautify our landscapes but also increase the value of our homes as they mature and trees help the environment, as well. Proper tree care will keep your landscape trees safe and healthy. Having a tree doctor periodically inspect your landscape trees can avoid unexpected plant health issues. The tree doctors in West Haven can inspect your landscape trees for insect pests, tree or shrub diseases, and broken or dead tree branches.

The trees in West Haven are subject to attack from a variety of insect and disease pests. Controlling harmful insect pests or tree diseases is an important step in keeping your landscape trees healthy and in some cases preventing an insect pest or tree disease from killing your landscape tree.

Periodic tree trimming will remove dead branches from trees and can reduce storm damage from occurring. If no care is given to your landscape trees your landscape trees may become a nuisance or even decline enough to be considered a hazardous tree. Having a hazardous tree in your landscape increases your liability if tree branches break or if the hazardous tree falls. Even low hanging branches can injure people, pets, or property. The tree doctors in West Haven can identify hazardous trees and hazardous tree branches in your landscape.

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If you have weak or stressed landscape trees or shrubs the tree doctor can perform a deep-root fertilization to improve the health of your landscape plants. Some tree doctors in West Haven also offer, or may recommend, special soil enhancement treatments such as root stimulants, mycorrhizae treatments, and compost tea applications depending on the condition of your trees and shrubs.

Many of the tree doctors in West Haven, OR will inspect your landscape trees and shrubs at no charge. The tree doctor can let you know if tree spraying, tree fertilizing, tree pruning, or tree removal would benefit your landscape trees and shrubs. The tree doctor can also let you know if there are harmful insect pests or tree diseases already on your landscape trees or shrubs.

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