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When you need to find a tree service in Virginia Beach to take care of your trees there are several important items to keep in mind and certain questions you should ask the tree service arborist that inspects your trees. Asking the arborist questions before you sign a contract can help you find a Virginia Beach tree service that will provide quality tree care and perform the tree care work in a safe manner. An experienced arborist or quality tree service in Virginia Beach will welcome such questions because these are the items that sets the tree service apart from its competition.

Ask about the tree trimmers on the crew. What kind of experience do their tree trimmers have? Are any of their tree trimmers ISA Certified Arborists or ISA Certified Tree Workers? Do their tree trimmers use climbing spurs when pruning trees? The answer to this question should be no. Climbing spurs should only be used when removing trees or in tree rescue situations. Do their tree trimmers know how to make proper tree pruning cuts? Proper tree pruning cuts do not leave stubs and proper tree pruning cuts are not flush cuts. The tree branch bark ridge indicates where the tree trimmer should cut the tree branch.

Asking for references of past work the tree service has done in Virginia Beach isn’t a bad idea, but it won’t mean anything unless you are willing to check out their tree work. You also must have some idea as to what proper tree work looks like. If you look at a couple jobs the tree service did you would be able to determine if the natural shape of the tree was maintained or if they just topped the tree. If it was a recent tree trimming job you could get an idea of how well the tree crew cleaned up the pruned branches. You would also be able to see if the tree trimmers made proper pruning cuts.

Another way to find out about a tree service in Virginia Beach is to look for comments on the internet. It should raise a red flag if there are a lot of negative comments about a particular tree service.

When you find a tree service in Virginia Beach you want to hire it’s a good idea to ask for current proof of insurance. The tree service should have both liability and workman’s compensation insurance. The insurance company for the tree service will usually send you a copy upon request.

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