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Ventura County, CA Tree Care
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Tree Fertilization and soil enhancement is an under utilized method to keep landscape trees and shrubs in Thousand Oaks, CA healthy and pest free. Sometimes too much focus is placed on controlling insect or disease pests and not enough thought is given to increasing the overall vigor of landscape plants.

Trees and shrubs in Thousand Oaks, like all living things, require nutrients to remain healthy. Unfortunately, essential nutrients are often lacking in urban settings. In many cases the original topsoil has been removed during home construction or the soil that remains has become compacted over time. In either case, it becomes difficult for landscape trees and shrubs to extract the necessary nutrients from the soil. Additionally, the normal nutrient source for trees and shrubs - fallen leaves, twigs, and branches - is continually removed from the maintained landscapes in Thousand Oaks. To compound matters even more, trees are planted in areas with limited root space or forced to compete with turfgrass for whatever water and nutrients are available in the urban soil.


Arborists in Thousand Oaks have overcome this situation by developing techniques and products to resupply the soil with nutrients, organic matter, rhizobacteria, and beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae) to simulate natural growing conditions found in the forest. By supplying nutrients, introducting soil enhancements, and mulching under trees and shrubs a more natural soil environment can be established to promote healthy root growth for landscape trees and shrubs.

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Arborists and tree services in Thousand Oaks often deliver nutrients and other soil enhancements to trees and shrubs using a method called deep-root fertilization. This delivery method utilizes a soil probe to inject liquid fertilizer and/or soil enhancement products below turfgrass roots and into the root zone of your landscape trees and shrubs. Deep-root fertilization places tree fertilizer and soil enhancement products where they can be most effective and can be quickly absorbed by trees and shrubs. A side benefit of the deep-root fertilization process is that it helps reduce soil compaction. This helps to increase the movement of air and water into the root zone of the trees and shrubs.

Tree Fertilizer and Soil Enhancement Products

As tree health research has progressed arborists have discovered that tree and root growth can be encouraged by supplying more than just fertilizer alone. Deep-root fertilization for trees may now be combined with other products to further promote the health and vigor of your landscape trees and shrubs. Products that arborists and tree services often use for a tree fertilization program may include:

  • Macronutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the three nutrients used most by trees and shrubs.
  • Micronutrients: Although used in smaller quantities some micronutrients, such as Iron or Manganese, are essential to the healthy growth of certain trees or shrubs.
  • Kelp: This seaweed has been shown to promote tree and shrub root growth and to increase stress tolerance.
  • Mycorrhizae: Several species of beneficial fungi have been identified that can increase and promote tree and shrub health by expanding the root system of the host plant. Mycorrhizae fungi attach to the roots of trees and shrubs and are a natural component of the root systems of forest trees.
  • Rhizobacteria: Some species of soil-inhabiting bacteria have been isolated that can break down raw minerals so the nutrients they contain can be easily absorbed by trees and shrubs.
  • Yucca: Has been shown to improve poor soils and increase the water holding capacity of dry or sandy soils.

Improving the soil conditions has many benefits for landscape trees and shrubs in Thousand Oaks. Not only are nutrients and other soil amendments supplied to the trees and shrubs, but the growing environment for the plant roots is improved. This results in healthier plants and healthier plants are able to resist or overcome the damage caused by insect and disease pests.


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