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Trumbull County, OH Tree Care
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Tree services in Cortland, OH can quickly and efficiently take care of your tree care needs, such as, tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, shrub pruning and shrub removal. Although some of these landscape maintenance chores can be done by a homeowner, it's best to leave the larger jobs to a professional tree service. An accident while cutting down a tree can be much more costly than hiring a professional tree service. Also, pruning a tree the wrong way may ruin it forever.

While most Cortland homeowners place a high value on their trees, there are times when there is no alternative but to remove a tree. The tree may be dead or dying, or was damaged in a storm, or is too close to wires or your house. Whatever the reason, tree removal can be dangerous and property damage or personal injury can occur if the work isn't done correctly. One of the best reasons to hire a professional tree service to remove a tree is that the tree service will haul away the brush and wood from the tree removal.

The final stage in a tree removal job is stump grinding. Leaving a stump to decay after a tree removal has been done can take years - even decades for some tree species. That's a long time to have an eyesore in your landscape. Most tree services in Cortland that offer tree removal also offer stump grinding service. Stump grinding turns a stump into a pile of woodchips in no time at all. After the woodchips are removed the stump area can be filled with topsoil and sodded or reseeded.

Tree trimming is the most common work done by professional tree services in Cortland. Although small tree pruning jobs can be handled by a homeowner, larger tree trimming jobs are often going to require a tree climbing arborist. A tree climbing arborist can take care of dead or broken tree branches, opening up thick tree canopies, and cutting back tree branches that are too close to your house. An arborist can also establish a good tree structure when called upon to prune young trees.

When you're looking for a Cortland area tree service it's worth checking to see if they employ ISA Certified Arborists and if they are members of professional organizations such as the International Society of Arborists or the Tree Care Industry Association. You should also protect yourself by requesting a current certificate of insurance.


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