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So you want to market your tree service company on the internet?
The goal of this blog is to help tree service owners learn what to look for in regards to internet marketing.  There are alot of SEO and web design companies who will promise the world, only to deliver squat. 
f_4809226_f5i8iwdldlmhiolwywiibsfwxk9xiamdThrough a process of consuming multiple forms of media about the the world of internet marketing and applying it to real website scenarios, we are able to put it all together here.  All opinions and articles are based on what we believe to be best practices today.

Remember, when looking to increase your web presence, there are no get ranked quick schemes.  Building an online presence is not just about getting your website to rank number one in the search engines.  Increasing your presence means showing up in differant avenues and more often.  For example, when someone searches for a tree service company close to them if your facebook page, website, YouTube channel, and google local page all show up on page one, there is a good chance that individual will click one of your links.

Who is National Arborists?

National Arborists helps tree service companies increase their online presence, along with providing low cost marketing services, low cost tree care leads, and marketing advice.
Our website also contains a variety of free information on the care of trees, along with providing a place for consumers to find a local tree service company.

National Arborists focuses on the tree service industry.  We market what we know. 

Increasing your Tree Services online presence

Website Basics-Start with all fundamental SEO best practices. Proper Alt Tags on images,  H1, H2, H3 tags used correctly, Meta information up to date, no pages that are gone.
Many tree service websites will use letters within their phone number. This prevents mobile users from being able to tap to call your phone.

Video Marketing-YouTube is the second most searched site on the internet, right behind Google.  Shooting video or takings pictures of your work can be huge for video marketing.  Setting up a YouTube channel and properly adding titles and descriptions to videos can have an impact.
You could probably even have your kid do the video editing.  No fancy software is necessary, a simple program like Windows Movie Maker can do the trick.


5 ways to increase your web presence:

  1. Start with your website. Make sure all the SEO basics are covered.
  2. Create a Google Local Places Page.
  3. Create a YouTube channel and start posting.
  4. Facebook page is a must. Not your personal profile, but an actual fan page.
  5. Start Blogging. If not you, then try to find someone in the office to do a post a week.

How to make time for everything!

Working on building your tree service companies online presence will take time, and may seem overwhelming with everything that needs to get done. The key will be to plan out what it is you want to accomplish overall.  Then decide what tasks you must do and tasks that can be delegated to others.  You may find that crew members will gladly accept the role of certain jobs.
Maybe Joe who works on the grounds crew like taking pictures and shooting videos.  He would be perfect for helping with video skills.  Have your teen age kid do the editing and post it to YouTube.
Jane the secretary loves Facebook.  She would be the perfect candidate to set up and manage your Facebook page.

And of course Roy yur saleguy loves to write!  Have him do a blog post per week about what your company is doing, whats going on in the tree care industry, etc. It doesnt have to be a 10 page essay. Simply 500-700 words would be perfect.

Now if you are the company and do not have the resources or time for all this, then thats where hiring a professional may help.  Read through my blog and learn what things to look for and to be doing.  This way when you decide to hire a professional tree service marketing company, you will be informed.

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