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Tree Removal
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Tree Removal ArboristMost arborists and tree companies would rather save trees than remove trees, but the fact is that trees are living organisms and at some point a tree will die and tree removal will be necessary. Most tree service companies are equipped with the proper equipment and professional arborists to safely remove trees. This is often the best time to find a local tree removal service. Depending on the size and location of the tree, tree removal can be quite dangerous and requires skills, equipment, and experience that most do-it-yourself homeowners do not possess. If you have a large tree to remove, hiring a professional tree removal service to do the work is almost certainly your best option.

Tree Removal Cost

To have a tree removed is a big decision.  Mant times an arborist or tree service company would prefer to save the tree instead of removing it.
However there are times that a tree must be removed and there are going to be costs associated with it.
Some factors to consider would be:

  • Is the tree near power lines?
  • Is the tree in a hard to reach location?
  • Has the tree fallen on a building or vehicle?
  • How big is the actual tree?

When a tree removal services comes to give you an estimate, they will take these factors into consideration.  If a tree is in a precarious spot, more skill will be required by the tree service company.  They may also need to bring in special equipment like a bucket truck, skid steer, or crane.
Some times when a tree is in a real tight spot, a tree climber will assend the tree and take it apart piece by piece.  Slowly lowering each piece to the ground.Tree Removal Service

So how much does it cost to have a tree removed?
There is no real answer because each situation is going to be unique.  Plus if you would like all the debris cleaned up and hauled away and the stump removed, there can be additional charges for these services.

On average, a basic tree removal procedure can cost from $100-$300 for a tree up to about 30 feet. At around 30-70 feet it can cost $200-$800. Really tall trees and big in diameter can cost up to and over $1000
This does not include stump removal which can cost around $50-$200.

If the tree thats needs to be removed is harder to get to, figure $500-$1000 for tree removal of an average size tree.

As you can see there is no way to tell how much tree removal can cost.  A good tree service company will visit your location and give you a written estimate for your tree removal needs

Emergency Tree Removal Service

There are several factors to consider when you need to find a tree care service to help you with a tree removal. This is small list of questions to ask before hiring a tree service to remove a tree:

  • Does the tree service have liability and workman’s compensation insurance? Most insurance companies will temporarily list you on the tree company’s insurance policy if the tree service is going to be doing work for you.
  • If the tree removal is in a tight location or it is necessary to remove a large tree ask if the tree service has experience with trees of this size, or removing trees in restricted locations
  • Will the tree service provide a written proposal detailing what is included?
  • Will the tree service be hauling away the brush and the wood, or just cutting down the tree?
  • Is stump grinding included in the tree removal proposal?
  • Will the tree service contact local utility companies, cable companies, and phone companies to make sure there are no wires or gas lines if stump grinding is going to be done?
  • Will the cost for the tree removal be less if the tree company leaves the wood?
  • If the tree company leaves the wood how long will the pieces of wood be?
  • If the tree company grinds the stump will they leave the grindings or does the tree service haul them away?
  • Will heavy equipment need to be driven across lawn or landscape areas? Make sure to let the tree service know if there are underground obstacles such as irrigation systems, electric wires for landscape lighting, septic drain fields, etc.
  • Will the tree service repair any divots in the lawn or ruts in the lawn?
  • Can the tree service recommend a replacement tree or refer you to a landscape company to plant another tree to replace the tree that is being removed?

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