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There are thousands of species of tree diseases and insect pests in the Fort Worth, TX area that are attracted to the trees and shrubs in your landscape. Fortunately, only a small percentage of these disease or insect pests cause significant harm to your valuable landscape trees and shrubs. Controlling this small percentage of disease or insect pests is where the advice and help of an arborist or tree service can be invaluable.


Consulting an arborist or tree service can narrow down the harmful tree diseases or insect pests that you really need to worry about. An arborist can also advise you on which trees or shrubs in your landscape are most likely to be attacked by various insect or disease pests. From years of experience, tree service arborists know the most common disease and insect pests encountered in the Fort Worth area. Early detection and identification of potentially harmful insect or disease pests is the first step in protecting your landscape plantings.

Fort Worth tree services use a variety of tree care techniques to protect trees and shrubs from tree diseases and insect pests. The insect or disease control method used often depends on the particular pest the tree service is trying to control. Options for insect or disease control include tree spraying, soil injections/soil drenches, or tree trunk injections. Each of these insect and disease control methods has good and bad points and an arborist can explain each of these in detail when they inspect your trees and shrubs. In some cases the tree service arborist may even suggest a combination of treatments for optimum control of the pest attacking your trees or shrubs.

Arborists often recommend tree fertilization or some other type of soil enhancement in addition to insect or disease control treatments. These additional treatments are suggested in order to improve the vigor of your tree or shrub. In most cases, healthy trees are less susceptible to insect or disease attack and will recover quicker if they are attacked.

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