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St. Joseph County IN
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Granger, IN

As real winter weather creeps ever closer it's important for firewood users around Granger, Indiana to make every effort to purchase their firewood from local sources. Several invasive insect and disease pests can be unwittingly transported great distances and start new epicenters of destruction to the forests and landscapes around Granger.

Most campers or homeowners don't realize the potential costs or devastation that can occur from invasive insects transported on firewood. Four insect and disease pests that should be of most concern to Granger homeowners are the Emerald Ash Borer, Gypsy Moth, Sirex Woodwasp, and Thousand Cankers Disease.

Emerald Ash Borer

This Asian borer was first discovered in 2002 in Michigan. While most borers only attack stressed trees, this import readily dines on perfectly healthy Ash trees. Tree services near Granger offer treatments to control Emerald Ash Borer if the damage to your Ash tree isn't too extensive. Untreated Ash trees will eventually be killed by Emerald Ash Borer.

Gypsy Moth

 As a catepillar the Gypsy Moth has been known to feed on over 300 various species of trees and shrubs with Oak trees topping the list. Feeding from Gypsy Moths can be so extensive that trees or shrubs can be totally defoliated. While healthy trees can recover from defoliation stressed trees can be killed after two seasons of heavy feeding by Gypsy Moths. Some trees services near Granger offer tree spraying treatments to minimize excessive damage from Gypsy Moths.

Sirex Woodwasp

Sirex Woodwasp was first discovered in the eastern U.S. and has been moving west ever since. This invasive insect mostly targets evergreen trees grown in large stands, but has occasionally be found on landscape evergreen trees.

Thousand Cankers Disease

This disease is spread by the tiny Walnut Twig Beetle and is deadly to Black Walnut trees. So far scientists have not found a treatment for Thousand Cankers Disease and tree spraying to prevent the beetle from infecting the tree has not be shown to be effective.

There is little to gain, but much to lose by using firewood from distant sources. If you already have purchased firewood from outside the Granger area every attempt should be made to use it all up before spring - including burning the bark.



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