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To help us find you a local California Tree Service Company, please fill out the form to receive a tree pruning, tree removal, insect or disease control, or stump grinding estimate.

If you are the owner of a Californai Tree Service Company and would like information on how you can see your company on this page, please visit our Tree Service Advertising page.

There is a misconception among some tree owners that once a tree is planted the tree will take care of itself. If trees in the forest don’t need extra care why would a landscape tree need extra care. On the surface this reasoning makes sense - the trees in the forest look healthy, at least when you’re looking at them at 60 miles per hour. If you take a walk through the forest, however, you will find many trees infested with insect pests and tree diseases. You will also find many trees with dead branches, broken branches, and rotted branches. You will find many trees with cavities and many hazardous trees. All these tree problems are happening on trees that are growing in their natural environment.

Imagine now that we remove the tree from its natural environment and plant the tree in our landscape. We plant the tree in non-native soil, possibly with the wrong soil pH, then rake away the leaves and fallen tree branches that will encourage good soil microorganisms that will help the tree and provide nutrients to the tree. After all this we expect the tree to not only be healthy, but to be the perfect landscape tree. Even though the tree has been put in an unnatural setting we don’t want to see any insect pests or a single brown leaf on the tree.

The fact is that landscape trees often face more environmental stresses than forest trees. Controlling insect pests and tree diseases is often necessary to keep landscape trees healthy. Tree trimming not only keeps trees looking good but also keeps trees safe. Hazardous trees can be found in any forest, but a hazardous tree in the landscape represents a real danger and a liability to the property owner.


Sometimes a homeowner can take care of young trees themselves, but large, mature trees require the services of an arborist. Mature trees add value to a property and should receive professional tree care to keep them healthy. Arborists can provide control of insect pests, tree disease control, tree trimming, and even tree removal. Most tree services, or local arborists, will inspect your trees and provide tree care recommendations for free. There’s no reason not to take advantage of the help an arborist can provide in caring for your landscape trees.


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