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San Diego County, CA Tree Care
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To help us find you a local California Tree Service Company, please fill out the form to receive a tree pruning, tree removal, insect or disease control, or stump grinding estimate.

If you are the owner of a Californai Tree Service Company and would like information on how you can see your company on this page, please visit our Tree Service Advertising page.

Arborists in San Diego County offer a variety of tree services to residential, commercial, and municipal tree owners. Arborists can give your landscape trees a professional tree pruning, remove fallen branches, grind unsightly stumps, and safely remove hazardous trees. Arborists have the specialized equipment to take care of your tree service needs quickly and in a safe, professional manner.

For your protection you should make sure that any arborist, or tree service, you hire has appropriate insurance in case the unexpected happens. An arborist, or tree service, should carry liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance. You may want to only hire ISA Certified Arborists to handle your tree service needs. An ISA Certified Arborist has made a commitment to understanding tree biology and the proper methods to perform quality tree work.

Many of the tree services offer multiple services to maintain your landscape including:
Hazardous Tree Removal
Tree and Brush Removal for Fire Breaks
Tree Fertilization
Tree Pruning
Brush Chipping
Tree Cavity Work
Tree Branch Cabling and Bracing
Palm Tree Skinning
Stump Grinding
Tree Trimming
Tree Appraisal
Tree Consultation & Reports

Arborists in San Diego County offer tree services to many local communities including:

  • Carlsbad, CA
  • Chula Vista, CA
  • Del Mar, CA
  • El Cajon, CA
  • Encinitas, CA
  • Escondido, CA
  • Fallbrook, CA
  • Lake San Marcos, CA
  • Lakeside, CA
  • La Mesa, CA
  • Lemon Grove, CA
  • National City, CA
  • Ocenside, CA
  • Ramona, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Marcos, CA
  • Santee, CA
  • Solana Beach, CA
  • Spring Valley, CA


Spring is an important time of the year if you own a fruit tree and want to harvest edible fruit later in the year. Several insect and disease pests also enjoy feasting on your fruit trees and for many tree pests the time to initiate pest control treatments is in the spring.


Peach Leaf Curl is a common problem on Peach and Nectarine trees in San Diego. This tree disease causes tree leaves to become disfigured and prematurely fall from the tree. A fungicide treatment should be applied just before bud break, followed by one or two follow-up treatments after the buds open. Fertilizing your fruit tree in the spring will also help increase the health of your tree.

Black Spot Fungus will cause the leaves of Flowering Pear trees to fall off throughout the summer. Infection from Black Spot Fungus occurs in the spring as the leaves are forming and this is when you should have a tree service spray your Flowering Pear trees. Increase the vigor of your Flowering Pear trees with regular fertilization.

As the new leaves are developing you, or a tree service, should periodically inspect your citrus trees for Asian Citrus Psyllid. Some of these aphid-like insects carry Citrus Greening Disease. There is no known cure for Citrus Greening Disease, so contact a tree spraying service if you suspect Asian Citrus Psyllid's are on your trees.

Spring is when tree services in San Diego spray Olive trees to prevent fruit development. Although Olive trees are a nice ornamental tree their fruit can litter driveways, sidewalks, and patios.


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