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Tree service in Rancho Cucamonga, CASIMS TREE HEALTH SPECIALISTS
6111 Appaloosa Ave.
Riverside, CA 92509


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Consulting arborist in Lake Arrowhead, CA

Consulting arborist in Lake Arrowhead, CA
Certified Arborists on staff

Consulting arborist in Chino Hills, CA
Tree disease identification & control
Sims Tree Health Specialists has been curing sick trees, helping damaged trees, and keeping landscape trees & shrubs healthy since 1972. For professional arborist advice and expert tree service for your landscape call Sims today.

Sims Tree Health Specialists can help your trees and shrubs by providing the following tree care services:
•Insect pest & tree disease control
•Tree & shrub fertilization
•Tree consultation & tree diagnosis
•Pre/Post construction care for trees

Please feel free to fill out the form below to have a Sims representative contact you, or if you prefer, give the toll free number above a call.

Consulting arborist
Insect Pest & Tree Disease Control

The largest county in the United States is home to many insect, mite, and disease pests waiting to feast on your valuable trees and shrubs. We offer insect, mite, and disease control treatments to keep these landscape invaders away from your precious trees and shrubs. Depending on the plant, and the landscape pest to be controlled, we offer tree spraying for insect, mite and disease control, soil insecticide injections, and tree trunk injections. We can control many insect, mite, and disease pests with certified organic pesticide treatments. We also provide tree spraying services to reduce fruit production on Olive trees.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Keeping your landscape trees and shrubs healthy involves more than just tree spraying to keep them free of insect and tree diseases. Healthy tree roots are just as important to maintain tree and shrub vitality. Sims Tree Health Specialists offers tree and shrub fertilization and more to revitalize the root system of your trees and shrubs. Improving the soil around your tree and shrub roots may require soil injections of beneficial fungi, bacteria, or root stimulants. If your trees are suffering from soil compaction we can help with root zone aeration, vertical mulching, and radial trenching.

Tree Consultation & Tree Diagnosis

Getting sick or damaged trees healthy requires professional arborist advice. Not every tree service in San Bernardino County can offer the level of expert tree advice available from Sims Tree Health Specialists. Our tree consulting and tree diagnosis services include:

•Tree inspections
•Diagnosis of tree diseases & insect pests
•Tree preservation plans
•Tree root excavation / diagnosis
•Monitoring of insect pests & tree diseases
•Preservation of mature & historic trees
•Tree surveys

Tree fertilization in Redlands
Palm tree spraying in Upland

Sims Tree Health Specialists provides expert arborist advice, professional tree services, and tree care throughout San Bernardino County, including the cities of:

  • Big Bear City, CA
  • Big Bear Lake, CA
  • Chino Hills, CA
  • Crestline, CA
  • Grand Terrace, CA
  • Lake Arrowhead, CA
  • Loma Linda, CA
  • Morongo Valley, CA
  • Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Redlands, CA
  • Running Springs, CA
  • Upland, CA
  • Wrightwood, CA
  • Yucaipa, CA

Pre/Post Construction Care For Trees

Construction activities around trees can be detrimental to the overall health of landscape trees. Tree branches are broken, bark is torn from tree trunks, but most importantly, soil compaction causes tree root dieback. Pre-construction planning to minimize the impact of construction activities is the best way to reduce tree damage. Sims can help with pre-construction planning or help trees after construction activities have been completed. We offer:

•Tree preservation plans prior to construction
•Review of construction plans for tree sustainability
•Monitoring of trees during construction
•Tree help after construction
•Grade restoration over tree roots
•Tree root stimulant treatments
•Soil aeration after construction

Professional tree spraying service

Correcting tree root problems in Chino Hills


The Asian Citrus Psyllid was initially discovered in Palm Beach County, Florida in 1998. After a decade in the U.S. this aphid-like insect made its way to San Diego County, and eventually on to San Bernardino County. Feeding damage from Asian Citrus Psyllid causes very little damage to citrus trees. The real problem is that some of the tiny insects can pass an incurable disease to your citrus trees. Known as Citrus Greening Disease, or Huanglongbing (HLB), the disease can make citrus fruit grow lopsided, cause fruit to drop early, or cause the juice of the citrus fruit to turn bitter.

Creasing, or Puff and Crease causes the outer surface of the citrus rind to develop an uneven appearance. This is thought to happen because of different growth rates, causing the outer rind to separate from the inner fruit. Citrus growers have the greatest concern with Puff and Crease because it devalues the citrus fruit. Puff and Crease is spread to healthy citrus fruit by contact.

If you notice something unusual about your citrus trees, or any other trees in your landscape, it never hurts to contact a local tree service. A tree service will dispatch an arborist to inspect your trees and their intervention can often head off insect or disease pest activity before they can cause significant harm to your trees.

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