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Some tree services in Mount Olympus, Utah specialize in the removal of large, mature, or hazardous trees. Tree climbing arborists that work for tree services near Mount Olympus are specially trained in the removal of dead, dying, or dangerous trees. Arborists use specialized equipment and tree climbing techniques to safely remove trees without damaging houses, garages, or existing landscapes. Most tree services in Mount Olympus include tree debris clean up, such as tree branches and trunk wood, in the cost of the tree removal. Some tree services in Mount Olympus include the cost of stump grinding in the tree removal cost, while others give a separate price for stump grinding.


When a tree removal is completed stump grinding should be scheduled. Many homes in Granite, Utah have professionally installed landscapes. Leaving a stump after a tree removal only detracts from the beauty of your landscape. Not grinding a stump also invites insect pests and decay fungi onto your property. Stump grinding also helps you reclaim a small portion of your yard where the landscape can be improved by planting another tree or shrub. Most tree services near Granite that offer tree removal also offer stump grinding.


One of the most common services performed by tree services near Holladay, Utah is tree trimming. Tree trimming can improve both the health and beauty of landscape trees in Holladay. The most commonly requested reasons to trim landscape trees are to:
  • trim off low tree branches
  • shape ornamental trees
  • trim dead branches from a tree
  • trim broken branches after a storm
  • remove excess branches in the tree canopy
  • trim diseased tree branches

While proper tree trimming can improve the health, beauty, and safety of a tree, improper tree trimming can have a detrimental effect on your tree. The professional arborists employed by tree services near Holladay have the skill and knowledge to make proper tree trimming cuts that will heal quickly and improve the structural integrity of your landscape tree.

If you are looking for Tree Service work or an Arborist in Salt Lake City or within Salt Lake County Utah please fill out the form below.

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