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Richmond County, NY Tree Care
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Tree RemovalWesterleigh Tree Service LLC
Staten Island, NY


Westerleigh Tree Service provides tree care services on Staten Island and throughout areas near Richmond County, NY. We offer competitive rates, timely service, and arborists that will provide professional care for your trees. Westerleigh Tree Service offers free estimates for tree services such as tree removal, tree pruning, emergency tree work, and stump grinding.

Always leave a message or fill out the form on this page to receive the quickest response for your tree service needs.



With the infrastructure and number of houses on Staten Island and the areas around Richmond County, NY tree removal can be a difficult task for any arborist. Although the arborists at Westerleigh Tree Service prefer to save trees sometimes tree removal is necessary. Hazardous trees, diseased trees, or dying trees should be removed while they are still safe to work around and before they fall and harm someone or damage homes, garages, or vehicles.

Our arborists are experts at performing tree removal around obstacles such as homes, garages, fences, wires, or landscaping. When necessary during a tree removal, tree branches are carefully lowered to the ground using ropes and pulleys rather than just cutting tree branches and letting them fall where they will.


Stump grinding is the final step in the tree removal process. Leaving a tree stump not only distracts from the beauty of your landscape, but it can be detrimental to other trees in your landscape. The fungi that grow on decaying tree stumps can, in some cases, infect other landscape trees. Stump grinding can allow you to replant the area with seed, sod, or another tree or shrub.


Keeping your trees pruned on a regular basis is the best way to reduce storm damage to your landscape trees. Sometimes though, despite the best of care, trees can be severely damaged by high winds, ice storms, or heavy snow. Our arborists provide a quick response to storm damaged trees on Staten Island because storm damaged trees may be blocking driveways or doorways, trees may have fallen on houses or garages, or trees may need to be removed from vehicles. In a serious weather event tree services may be overwhelmed with emergency tree work calls for storm damaged trees. Our arborists prioritize the work by removing trees blocking doors and driveways first and removing trees that have fallen on houses or garages.

Storm Damage Repair

Staten Island receives more than its share of harsh weather. Storm damage doesn’t necessarily mean tree removal is necessary. Our arborists may be able to remove storm damaged limbs or branches and save your tree from being removed. Proper pruning of storm damaged trees can reduce the potential for attack from tree diseases or insect pests.


The landscape trees on Staten Island have a history of receiving professional tree care dating back to the early 1900’s. The arborists at Westerleigh Tree Service are proud to uphold this long tradition of tree care and can professionally prune all tree species that grow on Staten Island and the areas around Richmond County, NY. Tree pruning not only improves the beauty of your landscape trees, but can improve the safety and health of your trees as well. There are various tree pruning techniques our arborist use, depending on the age, species, and location of the landscape trees in need of pruning.

Crown Thinning

Arborists use this type of tree pruning to remove excessive interior growth throughout the canopy of a tree. Crown thinning can increase sunlight to grass and understory plants and help reduce storm damage to trees.


On some trees, especially the mature trees found on Staten Island, all that is necessary to increase the health, safety, and beauty of your trees is for our arborists to prune the deadwood from the trees.

Crown Raising

Our arborists use crown raising to remove the lower branches of trees when tree branches are too close to roofs or it is necessary to remove lower tree branches for sidewalk, street, or mowing clearances. Crown raising is also used to clear tree branches from signs or to improve sight distances near driveways or cross streets.

Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction is used to prune back tree branches that are too close to houses, buildings, signs, or other obstructions. Crown reduction is a pruning technique our arborists use to reduce the outward growth of a tree without topping a tree. When our arborists use this tree pruning technique longer tree branches are cut back to shorter lateral branches without altering the natural shape of the tree.

Vista Pruning

Living and working on Staten Island offers a lot of scenic views. Our arborists can remove or cut back key tree branches to improve the view from various locations in your home or landscape.

Girdling Root Removal

Due to various circumstances, some trees grow roots that grow around the tree trunk instead of away from the tree trunk. If left unchecked, girdling roots can put a stranglehold on your tree. Girdling roots can be above ground or below ground. In either case, girdling roots should be removed before they cause harm to the tree.

Root Pruning

Landscape trees on Staten Island and in the areas surrounding Richmond County, NY must contend with a lot of buildings and hardscapes. Errant roots can interfere with sidewalks, driveways, and building foundations. Root pruning should be carefully considered. The effect root pruning will have on a tree cannot be easily predicted and the overall health, location, and species of tree must be considered before pruning any tree roots. In some cases, tree roots can be pruned to prevent damage to sidewalks, driveways, and building foundations.

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