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The tree doctors in North Oaks, Minnesota are often called upon to inspect trees to make recommendations on the type of tree care services that would benefit the trees. Having a tree doctor inspect your trees is also the best way to protect your trees from storm damage. North Oaks, MN tree doctors can often find tree defects, especially in mature trees, which most homeowners would overlook. Addressing these tree defects before a storm might prevent costly damage to the tree and possibly save a valued, mature tree from destruction.

A well-maintained landscape adds value to a property, so investing in proper tree care is a wise investment. As trees grow their value to the property increases. Real estate valuations confirm that a landscaped property with mature trees will sell quicker, and for more, than a similar property without trees.

The most damaging weather events that damage trees are lightning damage to trees, wind damage to trees, snow damage to trees, and ice damage to trees. North Oaks tree doctors can offer advice on how to minimize storm damage to your mature trees.

Lightning damage can happen to a mature tree in a fraction of a second. What’s worse is that tall, mature trees are common targets of lightning. Unfortunately, lightning damage to mature trees is often something that cannot be repaired. What the tree doctors in North Oaks can do to reduce lightning damage to a mature tree is to install a lightning protection system a tree. Although putting a lightning protection in a mature tree is a costly service that tree doctors offer it is usually going to be less than the cost to remove the tree if the tree was struck by lightning.

Wind damage to trees can be minimized by having a tree doctor perform routine tree pruning. By removing excess tree branches the wind is able to blow through the tree canopy rather than against it. Routine tree pruning also removes excess weight from parent branches, which further reduces wind damage to trees.

Snow damage to trees and ice damage to trees can also be reduced with routine tree pruning. By removing excess tree branches on the parent limb the extra weight of the snow or ice doesn’t overload the tree limb to the breaking point.

Some of the tree doctors in North Oaks offer tree inspections at no charge. A tree inspection by a tree doctor can not only lead to a safer tree, but might also prevent you from losing a mature tree in your landscape to storm damage.

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