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Tree pruning and tree removal of dead trees is one of the quickest ways to improve the appearance and value of your property. A homeowner may be able to prune or remove small trees, but if mature trees need to be pruned or if mature tree removal is necessary a homeowner should contact a local tree doctor. Most tree doctors in the New York City, NY area are family owned businesses that will be able to give you a reasonably priced cost for tree pruning or tree removal to improve the appearance of your property. A local tree doctor would not exist without their customers, so most tree doctors treat their clients with care and go out of their way to offer quality tree care.

Tree doctors in the New York City, NY area are often called upon to give a cost for tree pruning or mature tree removal, and most tree doctors in the New York City, NY area offer both of these tree care services.

Tree Pruning

Most homeowners contact a tree doctor for tree pruning because there are dead branches in their tree or tree branches are rubbing on the house or they need low tree branches pruned. When a tree doctor inspects a tree, however, the tree doctor may notice additional reasons for the tree pruning. The tree doctor may see hazardous


branches or diseased branches that should be pruned from the tree. The tree doctor can also let you know if there are too many branches in the crown of the tree and if some live tree branches should be pruned as well. Tree pruning services might include pruning dead or dying tree branches, pruning tree branches too close to a house, pruning low tree branches, or pruning excess tree branches to thin out the crown of the tree. A properly pruned tree will not only look better, but proper tree pruning will usually keep a tree healthier and safer. Most tree pruning can be done at any time of the year.

Tree Removal

Most tree doctors prefer to save trees, but sometimes trees decline to where tree removal is the only option. Tree removal may also be necessary if there are too many trees on the property or if tree removal is necessary to plant a new tree. Tree removal is also done if a tree is crowding a desirable landscape tree. When a tree doctor advises you that a tree is hazardous then the removal of the hazardous tree should be done before the tree can cause any damage

Most tree services in the New York City, NY area that offer tree removal will also be able to grind out a tree stump after the tree removal is done. Stump grinding will not only improve the appearance of your property, but it may help protect the trees you are saving. Some fungus species that grow on tree stumps attack desirable landscape tree roots if the tree root is wounded in the future.


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