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Oroville, CA

CA Landscape Contractors License #905423

Colfax CA Master Arborist Kings Beach CA Arborist Placer County Certified Arborist

Email: [email protected]

The arborists, biologists, entomologists, and horticultural specialists at Sims Tree Health Specialists have been saving trees since 1972. Our arborists can diagnose and save sick trees, offer tree consulting, and develop tree preservation plans. We can also help trees declining due to construction damage.

The professional staff at Sims Tree Health Specialists can help you with all aspects of landscape maintenance and the preservation of your trees and shrubs. Our experienced staff includes:

  • ISA Certified Arborists
  • A Board Certified Master Arborist
  • California Licensed Agricultural Advisers
  • California Licensed Agricultural Applicators
  • California Certified Urban Forester
  • Certified Wildlife Protectors
  • California Licensed Structural Operators
  • ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor

Arborist & Master Arborist ServicesTree Consulting Placer County CA

  • Landscape inspections
  • Tree consultations
  • Insect monitoring & control service
  • Tree disease diagnosis
  • Tree preservation plans
  • Written tree health reports
  • Tree root crown excavation
  • Tree surveys
  • Historic landscape preservation

We offer a variety of landscape maintenance services to protect your valuable trees and shrubs, such as:

Insect & Disease Control Treatments

  • Integrated plant health care
  • Tree spraying for insects & disease
  • Certified organic insect control
  • Systemic insect & disease control

Tree Disease ID Auburn CAHolistic Tree Health Programs

  • Radial trenching
  • Vertical mulching
  • Tree & shrub fertilization
  • Soil inoculation with beneficial fungi, bacteria, & root stimulants

Avoiding Construction Damage To Trees

  • Tree preservation plans
  • Tree sustainability plans
  • Tree monitoring during construction
  • Post-construction damage repair
  • Soil grade restoration

Tree Spraying For Insect ControlPlacer County Palm Tree Spraying Service

Landscape trees and shrubs in Granite Bay are susceptible to attack from a number of different insect pests. Controlling these insect pests on your trees and shrubs often requires timing our spray treatments to when the insect pest is most vulnerable to tree spray applications. In many cases this is soon after the insect hatches and before too much damage is done to your trees or shrubs. While preventative treatments are preferred, we are also able to apply curative spray treatments if the insects have already begun to feed on your trees and shrubs. The insects that we commonly encounter in Granite Bay include:

  • Aphids
  • Bark Beetles
  • Oak Worms
  • Oak Leaf Roller
  • Scale
  • Tussock Moth

Trunk injections or soil-injected insecticides are an alternative to control some of these insect pests on your trees. The arborists at Sims Tree Health Specialists will advise you of all available options to control whatever insect pests are infesting your trees or shrubs.

Placer County Tree Disease ControlTree Spraying For Disease Control

Certain tree and shrub species used in landscaping in Tahoe City are prone to infection by disease. Preventative tree spraying is one of best ways to control disease infection in landscape trees and shrubs. Our arborists are familiar with the trees and shrubs in Tahoe City that are susceptible to tree and shrub diseases. A pre-season inspection of your landscape by one of our professional arborists will allow us to design a disease prevention plan to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and prevent disease infection. Tree and shrub diseases we typically find in the Tahoe Vista are:

  • Anthracnose
  • Armillaria Root Rot
  • Fire Blight
  • Pitch Canker
  • Powdery Mildew

Some tree diseases we encounter on landscape trees in Tahoe Vista can be controlled with fungicide trunk injections. The advantage of this type of tree disease treatment is there is no drift from the tree spraying and the fungicide is circulated through the vascular system of the tree. Some fungicide trunk injections give protection for more than one growing season. Not all tree diseases can be controlled with fungicide trunk injections.

Call today to find out how we can keep your trees and shrubs looking their best with a disease prevention program.

Colfax CA Arborist

Sims Tree Health Specialists offers tree services throughout Placer County:

  • Auburn
  • Colfax
  • Foresthill
  • Granite Bay
  • Kings Beach
  • Lake of the Pines
  • Lincoln
  • Loomis
  • Meadow Vista
  • Rocklin
  • Roseville
  • Tahoe City
  • Tahoe Vista
Consulting Arborist Placer County CA
Holistic Tree Health Placer County CA
Tree Insect Control in Placer County California
Tree Spraying Lincoln CA

Tree Spraying For Fruit Reduction

Some of the plants used for landscaping in Loomis are fine until they start to bear fruit. Once the trees start to bear fruit the trees start to create a mess. It's not always necessary to remove a tree that is dropping messy fruit. We offer fruit reduction sprays that can make it possible to keep a tree that might otherwise need to be removed. The most common trees we spray for fruit reduction in Loomis are olive trees and sweetgum trees, but other tree species can be treated for fruit reduction, as well. A fruit reduction spray allows you to keep your mature landscape tree without having to put up with the messy fruit it produces.

Holistic Tree Health Programs

Not all problems with trees or shrubs can be traced back to a tree disease or insect pest. It's easy to forget that half of the living part of a tree resides unseen - underground. Root problems with trees can have as much of a negative impact on the health of a tree as most tree diseases or insect pests. Our tree services include diagnosing and addressing root problems with landscape trees. We offer several options to invigorate the health of the root system of your tree. The top four treatments to stimulate root growth are:

  • Radial trenching
  • Vertical mulching
  • Tree & shrub fertilization
  • Soil inoculation with beneficial fungi, bacteria, & root stimulants

Each situation is unique, and the treatment, or combination of treatments, are specific to your tree and what must be done to improve the root health of your tree.

Avoiding Construction Damage To Trees

Preventing construction damage to trees is a lot easier than trying to repair the damage after the construction work is completed. We see too many trees in Auburn that are under stress, declining, or dying from construction damage. Even if you are just putting in a driveway, patio, or adding a sun room it's worth consulting with one of our arborists to find out if any nearby trees might be impacted. When you realize that the root system of a 40 foot tall tree might extend 100 feet from the trunk of the tree you can see how easily a tree might be negatively affected by construction activities. We are one of the only tree services in the Auburn area that can supply you with a written tree preservation plan prior to the start of any construction work. Our tree service can also monitor the health of your trees during the construction project and make supplemental recommendations “on the fly” as the construction work is progressing.

If you have alreay had construction work done and the trees weren’t protected, we can help. Our tree service has been helping construction damaged trees for over 40 years. It can be difficult to reverse the effects of construction damage, so the sooner you call us for post-construction care the better the odds are that we can restore your tree to full health.

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