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Passaic County, NJ Tree Care
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Insects or Disease on Trees and Shrubs

In Paterson, NJ there are several different trees and shrubs that can be used as landscape plants. Some of these trees and shrubs are native to Paterson, NJ and others are non-native species. Some native and non-native species will hardly ever be affected by insects or disease, while other plant species will require a high level of maintenance. The susceptibility of trees and shrubs to insect or disease pests is complex and is mostly related to the tree or shrub species, whether the tree or shrub is native to Paterson, NJ, the planting location in the landscape, environmental conditions, and past plant maintenance practices.

Arborists in Paterson, NJ know what landscape plants are most likely to be attacked by insect or disease pests and arborists in Paterson, NJ know how to keep insect and disease damage on your landscape plants to a minimum. An arborist in Paterson, NJ can let you know if an insect or disease infestation is simply due to the plant being a susceptible species or if is due to some other reason such as planting location, soil pH, improper maintenance practices, etc.

In general, healthy landscape plants are less likely to be attacked by insect or disease pests, and when they are attacked they will recover quicker. Arborists in Paterson, NJ can recommend plant health care practices to reduce the likelihood of significant damage to your landscape plants.

Arborists in Paterson, NJ will also be aware if invasive insect pests such as Asian Longhorn Beetle or Emerald Ash Borer have been found in the area. While native insect pests usually attack stressed landscape plants, invasive insects like Asian Longhorn Beetle or Emerald Ash Borer can attack healthy plants. Knowing how to control these insects can mean the difference between losing a landscape plant or saving a landscape plant.

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