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Manalapan, FL

Do you have Swamp Bay trees or Avocado trees in your landscape, or have you had a Swamp Bay tree or Avocado tree suddenly die in your landscape? If so, your trees may be endanger from an invasive tree disease called Laurel Wilt Disease.

Laurel Wilt Disease was first discovered in Florida in 2005 and is believed to have come from Asia in wood used for packing crates. The disease is now starting to kill Swamp Bay and Avocado trees used in Manalapan, FL landscapes. Laurel Wilt is also known to infect Sassafras and Redbay trees and Pondspice bushes.

Laurel Wilt Disease is spread by an ambrosia beetle, which is about the size of a grain of rice.The beetle carries the spores of the disease on its body and passes them to the tree when it bores into the trunk of the tree. The disease then kills the tree by interfering with the movement of water and nutrients. Symptoms of Laurel Wilt Disease include sudden leaf wilting, trees quickly dying, and discoloration of the wood of the tree.

Aside from being used as landscape trees, Swamp Bay trees are a source of traditional medicine for the Seminole Tribe, provide food for an assortment of animals and birds, and are a food source for the spicebush swallowtail and palamedes swallowtail butterfly.

Arborists in Manalapan have had some success protecting Swamp Bay or Avocado trees with injections that target the ambrosia beetles. These tree injections are a preventative treatment and will not help your tree if it has already been infected.

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Trees in Golf, FL can suffer from a variety of insect pests or tree diseases. One of the most important ways professional arborists in Golf help maintain the health of your valuable landscape trees is by controlling damaging insect pests and tree diseases. The first step an arborist takes in controlling insect pests or tree diseases in your landscape is to identify the insect pest or tree disease that is attacking your trees or shrubs. The proper timing to control various insect pests or tree diseases may take place at different times during the growing season, or in some cases, be done during the short period when the trees are dormant in Golf. Depending on the insect pest or tree disease, control of the insect pest or tre disease may be achieved by tree spraying, tree trunk injection, soil injection, or even pruning off parts of the affected plant.

Of course, tree services and arborists in Golf do more than just insect or disease control. One of the most important tree care practices to keep your trees both healthy and safe is tree pruning. A professional arborist can inspect your trees for dead branches or broken branches and give you a cost to properly prune your trees. Frond removal is also a common tree care necessity if you own a Palm tree. An arborist can also look for decay on tree trunks or major branches and will look for mushrooms growing on the tree trunk or mushrooms growing under the tree. Mushrooms on or near a tree often indicate advanced levels of tree decay. If the arborist says you have a hazardous tree it may be necessary to remove the hazardous tree before it falls on your house, garage, car, or you!

Don't forget about the nutritional needs of your trees and shrubs. The growing season for trees and shrubs in Golf is pretty long. An occasional tree or shrub feeding can go a long way in keeping your landscaping plants healthy. Another benefit of tree and shrub feeding is that healthy plants can ward off insects and diseases better than weak plants and they can also recover quicker if they are attacked.

Root damage to trees can be difficult for most homeowners to detect and often happens when construction work is done around trees. It's advisable to contact a professional arborist if you are putting an addition on your house, building a garage, or are putting in a new driveway or patio anywhere near trees in your landscape. Keep in mind that tree roots can extend much farther than the canopy of the tree. The arborist can advise you if tree root damage is likely to occur from the construction and may be able to help you prevent the tree root damage from occurring. This could keep you from having to remove a dead tree over a new addition or garage in a couple years when the construction damage starts to show up.

Another common service offered by arborists and tree services in Golf is tree removal. Tree removal can be dangerous and it's a good idea to consider hiring a tree service if the tree that needs to be removed is anything other than a small ornamental tree. A major benefit of hiring a tree service is that the tree service takes care of all the tree debris clean up. Sometimes it can be easy to cut down a tree, but then the real work of cutting up tree branches and disposing of wood starts. Most tree services in Golf can also finish off a tree removal job with stump grinding. Grinding a tree stump after a tree removal gives you the option of putting in new grass over the area or planting a new tree to replace the one that was removed.

Storms and hurricanes are a constant threat to trees in Golf. Sometimes storm damage to your trees can't be prevented no matter what you do, but in many cases a properly pruned tree is able to withstand the high winds of a storm or hurricane better than a poorly maintained tree. If your trees are damaged in a storm or hurricane several of the trees services near Golf offer 24 hour service to get trees off your house, garage, or car. These same tree services can also clean up fallen tree branches, chip up brush piles, and stump grind uprooted tree stumps.

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