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Ottawa County, MI Tree Care
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Although fall colors on trees indicate the end of another growing season it doesn’t mean we should ignore our trees. On the contrary, with the leaves off the trees it’s a good time of year to have an arborist perform a fall inspection of your trees. An arborist’s advice could prevent snow or ice damage to trees once the winter winds start howling.

Arborists will look for several items when performing a fall inspection of your trees.

* Is the tree leaning?
* Are there dead branches in the tree?
* Are there cracks in tree branches or the tree trunk?
* Are the roots or soil around the base of the tree heaving?
* Is there fungus growing on tree branches or the tree trunk?
* Is there a sufficient layer of mulch around the base of the tree?
* Would the tree benefit from tree pruning before winter weather sets in?
* Are there branch or trunk unions that should be supported with tree cabling?

With an average annual snowfall of about 75 inches, arborists in the Holland, MI area can attest to the advantages of being proactive when it comes to protecting trees from snow or ice damage. It’s also a whole lot cheaper to have tree branches pruned off than to repair holes in roofs, damaged automobiles, or even risk losing trees altogether. Tree pruning protects trees from snow and ice damage by the removal of dead, weak, rubbing, or cracked branches and by lightening the load that limbs might have to bear.

Although homeowners may be able to prune small trees or remove low tree branches themselves, larger tree pruning should be contracted out to an arborist or tree service. Safely pruning a larger tree will require the use of tree climbing arborists or bucket trucks. A tree service will also be able to dispose of the cut tree branches more efficiently.

Other fall tree maintenance tasks homeowners should consider include:

* Watering evergreen trees
* Staking newly planted trees.
* Applying an anti-desiccant to evergreen trees and shrubs.
* Adding mulch under a tree to maintain a 2 - 4” mulch layer.
* Applying a dormant oil tree spray to kill overwintering insects and mites.
* Put fencing around thin-barked trees to protect them from rabbit damage.
* Burlapping shrubs to protect them from heavy snows, ice, or winter winds.

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