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Landscape trees in Oakland County can be affected by a number of tree diseases. Tree diseases affect various parts of a tree and can generally be classified as foliar tree diseases, systemic tree diseases, or wood decay diseases. Tree services can control many of the tree diseases common to Oakland County landscape trees, but for some tree diseases there is no effective control.

Foliar tree diseases usually occur every year and can affect deciduous trees or evergreen trees. Foliar diseases are more common when the weather in the spring is cool and wet. To reduce foliar tree diseases many Oakland County tree services can provide a series of fungicide treatments in the spring to protect the new tree leaves or needles.

Systemic tree diseases are, in general, more harmful to trees and some systemic tree diseases can kill landscape trees in just one growing season. Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease are examples of systemic tree diseases. Controlling systemic diseases often requires preventative trunk injections. Some tree diseases, such as Rhizosphera Needlecast, cannot be controlled with fungicide treatments. Depending on the disease infecting the tree the tree service may also recommend tree pruning, extra watering, tree fertilizing, or even root pruning.

Wood decay diseases are fungi that grow on dead tree branches, dead portions of tree trunks, or on dead or dying tree roots. In cooler weather this group of fungi will often produce fruiting bodies (mushrooms) on the part of the tree they are growing on. If the fungi are growing on dead or dying tree roots then mushrooms may sprout up from the ground under the canopy of the tree. If the wood decay fungi is just growing on a dead tree branch the tree service can stop it from entering the main trunk of the tree by pruning the dead tree branch.

When fungicides are not available to control a tree disease the tree service may be able to perform other services to extend the useful life of your tree. In some cases the tree service may advise tree trimming to remove diseased tree branches. For many diseases having tree fertilization done on a regular basis may increase the vigor of the tree so that it will last a few years longer. If the disease has spread too far, or has made the tree unsafe, the tree service will probably recommend removing a diseased tree.

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