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Norfolk County MA Tree Service
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Most arborists that work for tree services in Dover, MA are in the business of saving trees. Despite this fact, there are occasions when there is no other option other than removing a tree.

There are a number of reasons Dover tree services recommend removing trees, such as:

  • Dead tree removal
  • Diseased tree removal
  • Removal of a dying tree
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Tree removal for a home addition
  • Removal of a storm damaged tree
  • Remove a tree that is crowding another tree
  • Removing a tree to make room for new landscaping

Sometimes it’s obvious that tree removal is the only option, such as, with a dead tree or a tree that has been severely damaged by a storm. When you’re not sure if tree removal is necessary then it is best to have an arborist inspect your tree. Many Dover tree services employ ISA Certified Arborists that can confirm that tree removal is necessary, or can offer other options to save a tree. The tree service may recommend tree trimming, tree spraying, or tree fertilization to improve the health of the tree.

If the tree service determines there is no alternative but to remove the tree then and tree removal costs you receive should be put in writing. Professional tree services in Dover give written tree removal estimates to make it clear what the tree removal cost includes. Specifically, the tree removal cost should indicate if wood removal or stump grinding is included in the tree removal cost. Sometimes this part of the tree removal cost is priced separately. This is not done to confuse homeowners, it’s because some homeowners keep the wood from tree removals and other homeowners decide against stump grinding after a tree removal is done. If you meet with the arborist before the estimate is written the arborist may ask you if you want the tree removal cost to include wood removal and stump grinding.

Landscape trees offer many benefits to Dover and take several years to reach maturity. It is worth taking the time to get a second opinion from a professional tree service or arborist before deciding that tree removal is the last available option.

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