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Nassau County, NY Tree Care
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Determining if a tree is a hazardous tree is an area where it is wise to consult with an experienced tree doctor, preferably an ISA Certified Arborist. With the experience of inspecting thousands of healthy trees an experienced tree doctor knows when there may be something wrong with a tree or when a tree may be considered a hazardous tree. Periodic tree inspections by an experienced tree doctor are an especially good idea if you have mature trees. As a tree ages the possibility of a hazardous condition developing increases.

Here are a few items a tree doctor looks for when determining if a tree is a hazardous tree:

  • Fungus growing on a tree trunk.
  • Abnormal bulges in a tree trunk.
  • Cracks in a tree trunk or cracks in large limbs.
  • Raised soil around the base of the tree.
  • Is the tree leaning and in what direction is the tree leaning?
  • Creaking or cracking noises coming from a tree.
  • Mushrooms growing near the tree trunk.
  • Cavities in a tree trunk or cavities in large tree branches.



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