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Montgomery County, OH Tree Care
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Oakwood, OH

Trees in Oakwood, OH are subject to both the pleasant and harsh forces of Mother Nature. Most damage to trees from high winds is very apparent with broken tree branches, fallen or uprooted trees, and tree branches on the ground. Sometimes, however, there is less obvious tree damage that could cause big tree problems in the future. It may require the trained eye of a professional arborist to notice hanging tree branches, small cracks in tree trunks, and minor upheaval of tree roots.

When wind damage does occur there are some things homeowners can do to make their property safe and other items that should be handled by professionals.
  • Stack fallen tree branches to reduce tripping hazards in your yard. All broken, or cut ends, should face in the same direction for easier disposal.
  • Small broken tree branches that can be reached from the ground can be pulled out of trees.
  • Large, broken tree branches on a house, garage, or shed should be removed by an arborist that provides tree services to Oakwood.
  • Rope off areas under mature trees with large, broken branches until an arborist or tree service can prune the tree.
  • Avoid any trees or tree branches near power wires. Tree branches can conduct electricity if they are touching a wire - call your local power company when in doubt!
  • Examine the soil around the base of trees. If the tree suffered root damage the soil around the tree trunk may be heaving slightly in the wind. If the tree is larger than six inches in diameter tree removal will probably be necessary.

Spruce trees in Oakwood are especially susceptible to wind damage. Spruce trees are shallow-rooted and their thick canopies catch a lot of wind. When the soil is wet they are vulnerable to being blown over. If they aren’t too large an arborist or tree service may be able to straighten and stake a fallen Spruce tree.

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