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Middlesex County MA Tree Service
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Homeowners, businesses and municipalities can choose from several experienced, professional and quality tree services in Middlesex County, MA. Several tree services operate in Winchester, Burlington, Lexington, Lincoln and all other cities in Middlesex County. Most of these tree services have at least one ISA Certified Arborist on staff.

Middlesex County tree services offer:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Large tree removal
  • Tree cabling & bracing
  • Storm damaged tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Hurricane damaged tree removal


Although most tree services prefer to save trees, there are situations where tree removal is necessary. Tree removal often requires an experienced arborist and specialized tree care equipment to safely remove large, mature trees in the landscape.

Tree removal is usually necessary to:

  • Remove a dead tree
  • Remove a dying tree
  • Remove a messy tree
  • Remove a leaning tree
  • Remove a hazardous tree
  • Remove a tree that is too close to a pool
  • Remove a tree that is too close to a house or building
  • Remove a tree that is damaging a driveway, sidewalk, or patio

When a large, mature tree needs to be cut down in a confined area or close to a building some tree services use a crane to safely lower tree branches and the tree trunk to the ground. Using a crane makes tree removal faster, safer, and more efficient. Tree removal with a crane is quicker than climbing a tree and lowering tree branches with a rope and there is less damage because large tree branches and wood can be gently lowered to the ground.

If a tree removal needs to be done and it cannot be reached with a bucket truck or crane tree services in Middlesex County, MA have expert tree climbing arborists. Tree climbing arborists use specialized tree removal equipment and lowering ropes to safely remove a tree in small sections.

If you have a difficult tree removal job to be done it is usually worth the time and expense to hire a tree removal expert. A professional tree service can quickly dispose of the brush and wood from a tree removal.


Real estate experts estimate that landscaping can increase the value of a house by 7 - 20%, and the biggest component of your landscape is your trees. Healthy trees are an asset that increases both the beauty and value of your home. Proper tree pruning and trimming will keep your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful.

Arborists prune trees to:

  • Improve tree structure
  • Shape ornamental trees
  • Trim up low tree branches
  • Prune dead tree branches
  • Prune weak tree branches
  • Improve the air flow in the tree canopy
  • Reduce the potential for storm damage
  • Keep animals from getting into a house
  • Cut branches that are too close to phone or electric wires
  • Cut back tree branches that are too close to a house or building
  • Prune back branches from sidewalks, driveways, roads, and signs

The value of your landscape trees is too great to trust to the lowest priced amateur that comes along. Professional tree pruning arborists have the experience and equipment to properly prune your trees.


It’s not uncommon for arborists in Middlesex County to find landscape trees that are not structurally sound. Landscape trees with weak branch unions can pose a hazard to people, property, and pets. Although there is no guarantee that tree cabling & bracing will save every tree, the useful life of some trees can be lengthened by installing cabling or bracing supports.

Arborists are often requested to perform tree inspections and consultations for homeowners that have multi-trunked trees or trees with V-shaped branch unions.

Feel free to fill out the form.  Once we receive it we will contact you to answer all your questions.


Middlesex County tree services can help with your tree care needs if you live in:

  • Bedford
  • Burlington
  • Carlisle
  • Concord
  • Lexington
  • Lincoln
  • Tewksbury
  • Westford
  • Wilmington
  • Winchester
  • Woburn


Whether you live in Lowell or Framingham or anywhere else in Middlesex County, there are insect pests and tree diseases that can defoliate, injure, or even kill your valuable landscape trees and shrubs. Controlling plant-damaging insect pests and tree diseases require being able to identify the tree or shrub pest, knowing what controls can be employed, and knowing when to provide the pest control treatments.

This is where a tree service or arborist can aid you in keeping your landscape as healthy as possible. It doesn’t matter if you live in Lowell, Framingham, Lexington, or Marlborough. There’s are local tree services or arborists that are more than willing to help and advise you on how to control insect pests and tree diseases in your landscape.

Tree service arborists make house calls! The arborist will inspect your trees and shrubs, identify the likely insect or disease pests attacking your plants, and will recommend control treatments to prevent or minimize additional tree or shrub damage. While some tree service companies specialize in removing trees, most tree services are in the business of helping, saving, and maintaining trees and shrubs.

Landscape services provided by tree services and arborists in Middlesex County include:

  • Tree evaluation and diagnosis
  • Insect pest identification and management
  • Tree disease identification and control
  • Tree fertilization
  • Identification of tree root disorders
  • Tree trimming
  • Cultural control of insect or disease pests
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Storm-damaged tree removal
  • Tree spraying
  • Invasive insect control
  • Ornamental tree pruning
  • Shrub and hedge pruning



Stump grinding is the final step in the tree removal process. A tree stump in the middle of your yard is not only unsightly, it takes up space that could be used for other purposes. After stump grinding is done the resulting woodchips can be removed and the area can be sodded or a tree or shrub can be planted. Oftentimes, the woodchips from the stump grinding can be used in other areas of your landscape.

Don’t mow around a stump year after year - call a tree service for a stump grinding price, make your lawn mowing easier, and reclaim a little more of your yard.


High winds, snow, and ice can cause catastrophic damage to your valuable landscape trees. Middlesex County tree services respond quickly to remove fallen trees, storm damaged trees, or broken and hazardous tree branches. Professional tree removal arborists follow tree care industry safety procedures to minimize additional damage from occurring during an emergency tree removal. Tree services in Middlesex County can remove fallen trees, remove trees on houses, remove uprooted trees, and clean up fallen and broken tree branches.


The damage hurricanes cause to trees can be devastating. Sometimes, all the trees in a neighborhood can be damaged by hurricane force winds. Tree services in Middlesex County are often called upon to clean up tree damage caused from hurricanes by:

  • Removing large fallen trees
  • Pruning broken tree branches
  • Removing large trees from houses
  • Trimming hanging limbs from trees
  • Removing damaged trees at schools
  • Removing dangerous or hazardous trees
  • Removing fallen trees at business offices


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