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Michigan Tree Care Services
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To find a local tree care service closest to you, please select from one of the following areas.

Allegan - Bay - Berrien - Calhoun - Crawford - Eaton - Genesee - Ingham - Jackson - Kalamazoo - Kent - Livingston - Macomb - Monroe - Muskegon - Oakland - Ottawa - Roscommon - Saginaw -
St. ClairWashtenaw - Wayne

Michigan Tree Services Can Help With Tree Care Problems

Trees in Kent County can suffer from a variety of insect pests or tree diseases. A professional arborist can help maintain the health of your valuable landscape trees by controlling damaging insect pests or tree diseases. The first step in controlling insect pests or tree diseases is to identify the insect pest or tree disease that is attacking your tree. The proper control of various insect pests or tree diseases may take place at different times during the growing season, or in some cases, be done when the tree is dormant. Depending on the insect pest or tree disease, control may be achieved by tree spraying, tree trunk injection, or soil injection.

A professional arborist can inspect your trees for dead branches or broken branches and give you a cost to properly prune your trees. An arborist can also look for decay on tree trunks or major branches and will look for mushrooms growing on the tree trunk or mushrooms growing under the tree. Mushrooms on or near a tree often indicate advanced levels of tree decay. If the arborist says you have a hazardous tree it may be necessary to remove the hazardous tree.

Root damage to trees often results when construction is done around trees. Contact a professional arborist if you are putting an addition on your house, building a garage, or are putting in a new driveway or patio around trees. The arborist can advise you if tree root damage is likely to occur from the construction and may be able to help you prevent the tree root damage from occurring.

Tree services in Michigan not only maintain trees but can also remove fallen branches, clean up trees after a storm, or grind stumps in your landscape.


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St. Clair MI, Wayne MI, Washtenaw MI

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