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Consulting a tree service in Phoenix can help you determine the best way to care for your trees and shrubs. Arborists and tree services in Phoenix are familiar with the various tree and shrub species common in Phoenix. An arborist will make tree and shrub care recommendations based on the tree and shrub species in your individual landscape.

The first step in recommending which tree care services you may need is to evaluate each tree and shrub in your landscape. The arborist may recommend tree trimming for some plants and tree spraying for other plants in your landscape. Many tree services in Phoenix offer insect and disease control treatments to keep your valuable landscape plants pest free. If any of your landscape plants look weak or stressed the arborist may recommend tree or shrub fertilization to boost the vigor of your landscape plants.

When all attempts to save a tree have failed or no maintenance has been done for your trees most tree services in Phoenix offer tree removal. Although most arborists prefer to save trees sometimes tree removal is necessary. If you hire a tree removal service you should make sure they carry proper liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance. Tree removal is dangerous and should only be undertaken by professional arborists.

The same tree service that removes trees can usually get rid of the tree stump by stump grinding. Having stump grinding done removes a potential eyesore from your landscape and gives you the opportunity to replant a tree after a tree removal. Sometimes the woodchips generated from stump grinding can be used in other areas of your landscape.

An arborist can usually put together a tree care plan that will suit your budget by prioritizing the most important tree services to keep your landscape looking its best. By having a little tree care done each year you can keep your plants healthy, your landscape looking good, and avoid large tree maintenance costs all at once.

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Tempe, AZ

The lush, fast-growing Ficus tree has become an iconic symbol in downtown Tempe, but the trees are not without problems. In some planting locations the trees have suffered from sunscald and a disease called Sooty Canker has infected some Ficus trees. Larger Ficus trees also attract Grackles, which causes merchants and shoppers to complain about bird droppings.

As older Ficus trees were removed Tempe decided to try Chinese Pistache trees to replace the Ficus trees. The two main complaints about the Chinese Pistache were that it didn’t grow as large as the Ficus trees and it lost its leaves in the winter.

The Tempe City Council finally settled the debate with a unanimous vote to keep planting Ficus trees in the downtown district. Although young Ficus trees will block store signs, Tempe tree trimming crews will gradually prune off lower tree branches to improve sign visibility.

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