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Macomb County, MI Tree Care
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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is probably the most common tree service that arborists in Romeo, MI perform. Tree pruning benefits both shade trees and ornamental trees by keeping them healthy, attractive, and safe. Tree pruning should be done on a cycle of every two to five years. The tree pruning cycle varies depending on the location of the tree and the particular tree species.

By thinning out the excess interior growth in a tree canopy an arborist can keep trees healthy by reducing the incidence of tree diseases. The increased air flow reduces the germination of disease spores and reduces storm damage by allowing air to flow more freely through the canopy of the tree.

Proper tree pruning involves both art and science. There is a right and wrong way to prune a tree and improper pruning cuts can hurt a tree more than help it. Professional tree services in Romeo employ arborists that work with the natural form of a tree so that the tree pruning the arborist does enhances the appearance of the tree and improves the health at the same time.

Pruning dead branches from a tree is an obvious tree maintenance item that quickly improves both the health and beauty of a landscape tree. The safety aspect of tree pruning and removing dead tree branches cannot be overlooked. Cutting dead tree branches not only increases the safety of a tree but it also reduces a potential liability for homeowners.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

When an arborist inspects the trees on your property they are always looking for possible weak spots in the structure of the tree. Structural weaknesses could be the growth habit of a particularly large tree limb or it could be in the form of a multi-trunked tree. To help support structural weaknesses a tree service can install tree cabling or bracing supports. Tree cabling is not a guarantee that the tree or tree limb won’t break apart in a storm, but it does improve the structural integrity of a tree and can lengthen the time that the tree can remain a viable component of your landscape.

Tree Fertilizing

With the wide variety of tree diseases and insect pests common to the Romeo area, many homeowners focus on tree spraying as one of the most important services to keep trees healthy. Tree spraying is important, and oftentimes necessary, but all too often tree fertilization is overlooked as a tree maintenance item to keep trees healthy. It’s important to keep in mind that landscape trees are planted in an unnatural setting. The cycle of nutrients that trees in a forest receive from decaying organic matter is missing in the manicured landscapes of Romeo. Tree fertilizing provides the nutrients that trees cannot get when leaves and twigs are raked up in a well-maintained landscape.

Stump Grinding

It’s not uncommon for stump grinding to be put off for “another day” after a tree removal is done. Sometimes the cost for tree removal stretches the landscape budget to the point where extra services, like stump grinding, cannot be done along with the tree removal. When a stump is left after a tree removal it not only detracts from the beauty of a landscape, but it can increase the time it takes for lawn mowing and can also be a tripping hazard. Tree services in Romeo use specialized tree equipment - stump grinders - to effectively and efficiently remove old tree stumps. When the tree service finishes a stump grinding job all that will be left is a pile of woodchips and in many cases the woodchips from the stump grinding can be used in other areas of the landscape.

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