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Luzerne County, PA Tree Care
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Arborists are professionals that work for tree care companies and provide the tree care services necessary to keep landscape trees healthy and safe. Arborists are educated on the needs of tree and know how to provide the proper care of trees. A tree that has received proper tree care can be an asset to your property, whereas a neglected tree can be a liability. While proper tree care can give you an attractive tree neglecting your trees may result in your tree becoming a hazardous tree.

Most tree care companies employ arborists that specialize in tree pruning. Tree pruning arborists can improve the safety, appearance, and health of your landscape trees. A tree pruning arborist knows that every tree is unique and considers the impact of each tree pruning cut when trimming a tree. There are several factors a tree pruning arborist takes into consideration while trimming a tree.

A tree pruning arborist will almost always prune branches that rub against each other. Rubbing tree branches can hurt a tree by providing an entrance for insect pests or tree diseases. Rubbing tree branches can also weaken a tree branch which may lead to a storm damaged tree. Periodic tree pruning, even pruning young trees, will reduce the potential of a tree developing large rubbing branches.

Tree care services are often called out to prune branches away from buildings, roofs, streets, driveways, or sidewalks. If the tree pruning arborist needs to clear branches from buildings, roofs, streets, driveways, or sidewalks the arborist may remove the entire branch or may cut back the branch. Sometimes the tree pruning arborist just needs to remove low branches to clear the tree branches from a roof, driveway, or sidewalk.

Tree pruning arborists are always looking for weak tree branches while they are trimming a tree. Weak branches may have decay, splits, or just be weakly attached to the tree trunk. Pruning weak tree branches is a benefit of hiring a professional tree pruning arborist and eliminates a potentially hazardous condition.

Tree pruning arborists will remove most tree branches if they are diseased. This reduces the chances of the tree disease spreading to other parts of the tree. Oftentimes a tree pruning arborist will find insect pests in trees that cannot be observed from the ground. The arborist can identify the insect pest and recommend insect control treatments to stop the insect pest from hurting your tree.

Arborists know that proper tree structure is important to the long term health of trees. A tree pruning arborist can improve tree structure which will result in an attractive tree that is less likely to be damaged by the next storm.

Trees make food for themselves by collecting sunlight. Tree pruning arborists often prune tree branches on the interior of the tree canopy to redirect growth to the sunlight collecting exterior tree branches and to reduce the potential for storm damage. Sometimes cutting one or two branches on the exterior of the tree canopy is done to improve the shape of a tree.

Tree pruning arborists look at a lot of things while they are pruning a tree and every branch is cut for a reason.

Tree pruning arborists consider many factors before cutting a branch. Tree pruning cuts do create wounds in a tree, so every tree branch that is pruned is removed for a reason.

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