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Lucas County, OH Tree Care
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Proper tree maintenance can encompass a number of tree care services. Each tree care service is important to maintain the health of landscape trees. An arborist can advise you on which tree care service(s) would benefit the individual trees in your landscape.

Tree Pruning

Proper tree pruning is a tree maintenance item that almost every landscape tree in Ottawa Hills will need at some time. Tree pruning frequency varies depending on the tree species and its location in your landscape. Tree pruning is the practice of selectively removing dead or unwanted tree branches. The most common reasons tree pruning is done is to remove:

•dead tree branches
•broken tree branches
•crossing tree branches
•low tree branches
•tree branches close to wires
•tree branches too close to a house or building

Proper tree pruning will help to keep trees healthy, keep trees safe, and keep trees looking good.

Periodic tree pruning insures that dead or diseased tree branches will be removed before they become hazardous or pose a health risk to the tree. Dead tree branches, broken tree branches, and hanging tree branches should be removed before they fall and harm someone or damage your property. This is especially important for trees near buildings, walkways, driveways, or pools. Having routine tree pruning done also insures the tree canopy is properly thinned out. This can reduce the storm damage potential for landscape trees. Professional arborists in Ottawa Hills prune trees so the trees retain their natural shape and growth habit.

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Tree Fertilizing

The three most commonly required tree nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Some tree services in Ottawa Hills offer basic tree fertilizing programs that will supply these nutrients, but there are cases where other tree fertilizing treatments may also benefit your landscape trees. Sometimes the addition of micronutrients such as iron or manganese to a tree fertilizing program will benefit certain landscape trees. Root stimulants are sometimes included in a tree fertilizing program for newly planted trees. Beneficial fungi, called mycorrhizae fungi, is added to a tree fertilizing program when the native topsoil has been removed during construction.

Insect & Disease Control

While some of your landscape trees are virtually pest free, other landscape trees are constantly under attack by insect pests or tree diseases. Tree services in Ottawa Hills offer a variety of techniques to keep your trees pest free. Insect and disease control on trees and shrubs can be accomplished by various means, depending on the insect or disease that is attacking the tree. An arborist may recommend tree spraying, tree trunk injections, or soil injections depending on the insect pest or tree disease that needs to be controlled. An arborist can also tell you if the tree can be saved or if tree removal would be a better option.

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Poor tree structure, tree decay, or cavities in trees are potential reasons to have tree cabling or tree bracing installed. Tree cabling or bracing is done to help support structurally weak branch unions. Installing tree cabling or bracing does not guarantee tree safety, but it does reduce the potential for serious tree damage to occur. Tree cabling or bracing can also reduce the potential for storm damage.

Stem Girdling Roots

Occasionally, a tree root will grow next to the tree trunk instead of away from the tree trunk. If the tree root is not removed it may start to restrict the natural flow of water and nutrients within the tree trunk. This will eventually lead to a decline of a portion of the canopy of the tree. The decline in the tree canopy may progress to the point where the tree becomes unsightly and will need to be removed.

An arborist can remove girdling roots if they are not too large. This may involve cutting the tree roots with hand pruners, loppers, or using a mallet and chisel to cut the tree roots. An arborist may recommend tree fertilizing if girdling root removal is necessary to help maintain the health of the tree.

Lightning Protection

Lightning damage to trees happens every year to trees in Ottawa Hills. Lightning can instantly kill or seriously damage valuable landscape trees. Installing a lightning protection system in a mature tree is usually less than the cost to the tree. Lightning protection systems are usually installed in mature or historic trees.
Tree Removal

Most tree services in Ottawa Hills would rather save trees, but sometimes tree removal is necessary. Tree removal, especially removal of mature trees, can be dangerous. The tree services in Ottawa Hills have the arborists and equipment required to safely remove trees and efficiently dispose of tree limbs and the wood from the tree removal.

Stump Grinding

Total tree removal includes stump grinding. Depending on the location in the landscape, a tree stump may be a hazard, a mowing obstacle, or simply unsightly. Stump grinding will turn the tree stump into wood chips. Tree stump removal allows a new tree, or grass, to be planted instead of leaving an unsightly tree stump in the landscape.


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