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Lubbock County, TX Tree Care
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Lubbock TX Tree Service

P. O. Box 3162
Lubbock, TX 79452


You can count on Thompson's Tree Experts for professional:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Tree spraying
  • Tree fertilization
  • Tree planting

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Arborist Lubbock TX
Lubbock TX Arborist
Tree Service Lubbock TX

If you are looking for a Trusted, Professional tree service, look no further than Thompson's Tree Experts. Having been in the tree care business since 1970 our longevity is your assurance that your trees will be provided with the best care possible. Your trees are the most prominent and valuable part of your landscape. Their care should not be trusted to any handyman tree cutter that might do more damage than good. You can rely on the professional arborists at Thompson's Tree Experts for all your tree care needs.


Tree pruning is the most common tree service we perform in Lubbock and it's a service where the ability of our professional arborists really shows. Proper tree pruning is both an art and a science. It takes a skillful eye to envision how a properly pruned tree should look and it takes a high level of arboricultural knowledge to know how to achieve this with proper tree pruning techniques. The science of tree pruning is in knowing how to make proper tree pruning cuts and to not remove too much foliage during any single pruning so as to not overly stress your tree.

How a tree should be pruned depends on several factors including the tree species, the age of the tree and the location of the tree in your landscape. The Tree Care Industry Association recognizes several different types of tree pruning techniques, which our arborists strictly adhere to. These tree pruning techniques include:

  • Crown cleaning
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown raising


Although we prefer to save trees, there are situations where tree removal is necessary. Tree removal can be the most dangerous job an arborist performs, which why it's important to hire an experienced, professional arborist. If trees are easily accessible we will remove them using our bucket truck. For backyard trees, or trees in tight areas, we have tree climbing arborists that can remove trees. When necessary, we use lowering ropes to gently bring tree branches to the ground. Using lowering ropes prevents damage to houses, garages, or other plants in your landscape. For most tree removals our clients ask us to haul away the brush and wood, but we can price tree removals to leave the wood if that is your preference.

Our tree removal service is available for:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial or business properties
  • Farms
  • Ranches


Mother Nature can wreak havoc on our precious trees anytime of the year, which is why Thompson's Tree Experts are always available when you need us. Trees in Lubbock are frequently damaged by high winds, lightning and even an occasional tornado. Storm damage might result in fallen trees, broken tree limbs, or a yard littered with tree branches. We can help with storm damaged trees by removing fallen trees, cleaning up tree branches in your yard, or chipping brush piles. We are here to help any time you need emergency tree work.


Landscape trees in Lubbock are susceptible to a number of insect and disease pests. Left unchecked, these tree diseases or insect pests will disfigure or even kill trees in your landscape. The most proven method to control tree pests is with periodic tree spraying. The timing of tree spraying treatments depends on the disease or insect pest we are controlling. Call us for a landscape inspection and our arborist will tailor a tree spraying program specific to the trees and shrubs in your landscape.

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One of the most vital services you can have done for your trees is tree fertilization. Having essential nutrients available to your trees results in more than just better looking trees. Tree fertilization helps pruning cuts heal quicker and can help trees naturally fend off tree diseases and insect pests. Tree fertilization might also be recommended by our arborists to help a stressed or damaged tree recover its health. If your trees have been damaged from construction activities periodic tree fertilization might be the only way to rebuild the root system and save your tree.

All too often homeowners wait too long before having us inspect their trees. A stressed tree can reach a point where nothing can be done to save it. If you suspect your tree may be under any type of stress, or your tree doesn't look as good as it use to, please give us a call. The sooner we can get your tree on a tree fertilization program the better chance we have of saving your tree.


No other landscape professional is more familiar with trees than the arborists that prune, spray, fertilize, inspect, and even remove trees. We know which tree species are best whether you live in New Deal. Shallowater, or Buffalo Springs. Our arborists can also advise you on the best location in your landscape to plant a particular tree species so it won't cause you problems in the future. There's nothing worse than planting a tree and finding out in a few years that you're going to have to constantly be pruning it away from your house. We can also point out any disease or insect pests common to a particular tree you are considering planting. Yes, you might find a landscaper to plant a tree cheaper, but is that landscaper going to know or consider all the necessary tree characteristics to make the best decision for you?

We service all areas of Lubbock County, Texas including:

  • Buffalo Springs
  • Idalou
  • Lubbock
  • New Deal
  • Ransom Canyon
  • Shallowater
  • Slaton
  • Wolfforth

    We also provide tree services in Midland, TX and Odessa, TX
Stump Removal Lubbock TX

Any homeowner in Ransom Canyon, TX that has had trees planted or general landscaping done knows that it can be a costly service. It is precisely for this reason that the maintenance of your trees and landscape should not be left to amateurs. Improper tree and shrub maintenance comes at a low upfront cost, but results in unhealthy landscape plants that don’t live as long as they should, which results in a greater cost in the long run.

Tree services in the Ransom Canyon area offer a variety of tree and shrub care services to keep your landscape plants healthy and attractive. Proper tree and shrub care encompasses a number of different services depending on the type of plants in your landscape. The best way to assure you are helping your trees and other landscape plants is to have a local arborist inspect your plants and offer their recommendations. Many tree services around Ransom Canyon will inspect your trees and shrubs, and make recommendations, at no cost to you. Why not take advantage of an arborists' knowledge and experience with the trees and shrubs in your area?

There are many benefits to keeping a well-maintained landscape. Not only is it nice to come home to a neatly maintained landscape, but a maintained landscape can also add considerable monetary value to a home. The nice thing is, as trees and shrubs grow, the value they add to a home increases. A neglected landscape, on the other hand, can not only be a liability but can also detract from the value of a home.

Properly maintained trees and shrubs in Ransom Canyon also have environmental benefits. Trees and shrubs reduce soil erosion, help control pollution, reduce home energy use, and provide oxygen for us to breath.

Arborists in Ransom Canyon use a variety of treatments to maintain landscape trees and shrubs. Pesticides are often used to control insect and disease pests, but sometimes these pesticides are organic products. Tree and shrub fertilizing keeps trees healthy and tree and shrub trimming keeps landscape plants tidy and under control.

In most cases, not only is professional tree and shrub care convenient, but it pays dividends by having a healthy, well kept landscape that adds value to our lives in many ways.

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