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Are the leaves on your crabapple tree falling from the tree in the middle of summer? Does your pine tree have brown needles? Are the leaves on your oak tree curling and turning brown? It's quite possible your tree has some type of tree disease.

What are tree & shrub diseases?

Most diseases that affect trees and shrubs in Avon Lake are caused by various species of fungi. The fungal spores can be spread to your trees or shrubs by wind, rain, birds, animals, or insects. The most noticeable diseases are those that infect the leaves or needles of landscape trees or shrubs. Less noticeable are canker diseases that infect the branches or trunks of trees or shrubs. The worst diseases are those that move through the vascular system of the tree, such as Dutch Elm Disease or Oak Wilt.

What effect does tree & shrub diseases have on your landscape plants?

In many cases, such as with Apple Scab, the fungal infection will cause leaves to fall from the tree in the middle of summer. This reduces the ability of the tree to make food for itself due to the excessive leaf loss. Canker diseases can inhibit the movement of water and nutrients within the plant, cause branch dieback, or make the tree trunk structurally weak.

How can you protect your trees & shrubs from disease?

The first step you should take is to contact a tree service and request an inspection by one of their arborists. Tree services in Avon Lake are familiar with the diseases that could infect your trees or shrubs. If it is too late to apply fungicide treatments the arborist may recommend fertilizing your infected tree or shrub to keep it as healthy as possible until fungicide treatments can be applied.

How are fungicide treatments applied?

The most common method used by Avon Lake tree services to apply fungicide treatments is with a foliar tree spray. A fungicide tree spray provides a protective coating on the leaves or needles of your tree or shrub. Two to four tree spraying treatments are usually necessary to achieve adequate control. Another option for disease control is with a trunk injection. While trunk injections are the preferred method for certain tree diseases they cannot be used under all circumstances.

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