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Lehigh County, PA Tree Care
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Tree pruning benefits trees in a number of ways. Having an arborist prune your trees can address concerns such as tree safety, health, and the structural integrity of the tree. Tree pruning will, of course, improve the appearance and possibly the shape of the tree. An arborist can also enhance the unique and natural characteristics of specimen trees.

Tree pruning to improve tree safety is more than just removing dead tree branches. Proper tree pruning can help protect a tree from storm damage. Thinning of tree branches reduces the sail effect of a tree canopy, which can reduce wind damage to a tree. Branch removal removes weight from parent branches which can prevent snow or ice damage to trees. Pruning low tree branches can improve visibility of road signs and clear branches from sidewalks, roads, and driveways.

Tree health is improved with tree pruning by the removal of dead, broken, or diseased tree branches. Leaving these tree branches in the tree could allow decay or disease to enter the tree trunk, which could result in a hollow tree trunk.

Structural tree pruning on young trees can help young trees develop into healthy mature trees. An arborist will prune poorly attached tree branches on young trees and leave the stronger tree branches while maintaining the natural form of the tree. Selecting strong scaffold branches when a tree is young will prevent the need for making larger pruning cuts in the future and is less costly to do when the tree is smaller. The pruning cuts on a young tree will also heal quicker than larger pruning cuts on a mature tree.

The natural beauty of landscape trees can be enhanced with proper tree pruning more than any other tree service that arborists offer. It’s only after dead and broken branches are removed that the unique form of specimen trees can be really appreciated. Proper tree pruning will make mature trees safer and will beautify specimen trees.

Arborists are often asked to improve the view from inside homes or offices. This is called vista pruning. Vista pruning is the selective pruning of tree branches, usually done to improve the view of lakes, mountains, or valleys.

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