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Larimer County CO Tree Service
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Fort Collins, CO

City arborists have confirmed that a tree disease fatal to Black Walnut trees has been found in Fort Collins. Thousand Cankers Disease is spread between Black Walnut trees by the tiny Walnut Twig Beetle. The beetle, which is a borer insect, carries the spores of the disease into the cambium of Black Walnut trees. Once established, the disease forms a relatively small canker on the tree which disrupts the normal flow of water and nutrients within the tree. After enough cankers are formed the tree experiences significant water and nutrient stress and begins to decline.

There are no fungicides available to control Thousands Cankers Disease and tree spraying isn’t a practical solution to keep the Walnut Twig Beetles from attacking the tree. Homeowners should monitor their Black Walnut trees for signs of infection. In the early stages the upper canopy will appear a little sparse. In one or two years there will be numerous small, dead branches in the top of the Black Walnut tree. Soon thereafter, larger tree branches in a Black Walnut will start to die.

When Thousands Canker Disease is confirmed in your Black Walnut tree you should make plans to remove the tree. It may take a few years, but eventually the disease is going to kill the tree. It is important to note that Thousands Canker Disease is easily transported in wood. The wood from Black Walnuts should be left on site, buried, or taken to an approved disposal site.

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Estes Park, CO

The Colorado State Forest Service reported that Larimer County saw the highest level of Mountain Pine Beetle activity in 2011. Estes Park homeowners with Ponderosa Pines or Lodgepole Pines, two favorite targets of Mountain Pine Beetle, should keep a watchful eye out for signs of this destructive borer insect.

Since its initial outbreak in 1996 the Mountain Pine Beetle has affected more than 3.3 million acres of pine trees throughout Colorado. Dead pine trees degrade quickly and can easily be taken down by the high winds or heavy snows common to Larimer County. Storm damaged trees can wind up on houses, garages, cars, and can pose a threat to human safety.

Estes Park homeowners concerned about Mountain Pine Beetle should have a local tree service inspect their Ponderosa Pine or Lodgepole Pine trees. The tree service can look for Mountain Pine Beetle activity and recommend treatment options to protect valuable landscape trees.

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