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Lane County OR Tree Service
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Dunes City, OR

Most tree surgeons in Dunes City, OR offer emergency tree service after a storm. Storms in Dunes City often cause broken tree branches and may even cause an entire tree to fall. Tree surgeons are called on to remove these broken tree limbs, fallen tree branches, or to remove fallen trees from houses, garages, or cars after a storm. Removing storm damaged trees is some of the more dangerous tree work that a tree surgeon will ever have to perform. Storm damaged trees often land at odd angles and the pressures on the tree branches that are holding up the trees are not predictable. Tree surgeons that remove storm damaged trees use extreme caution to safely remove storm damaged trees, especially trees on buildings, garages, or cars.

If a homeowner needs emergency tree service after a storm it is equally important for the homeowner to make sure the tree surgeon is properly insured. There are some “tree surgeons” around  Dunes City that own a pickup truck and chainsaw and consider storm damaged trees an opportunity to make a quick buck. Consider this, a professional, insured tree surgeon doesn’t need to go door to door after a storm to try to get tree pruning or tree removal work. Their clients will be calling them to take care of their tree pruning or tree removal needs. Homeowners need to know that they could be held financially responsible for hospital bills if an uninsured “tree surgeon” is injured while working on their property.

If a tree falls on your house or in your yard the tree should be approached with extreme caution. Storm damaged trees, or broken tree branches, could have come in contact with electric wires, which energizes the tree, and could pose an electrical hazard to anybody that touches the tree. Also, unless the storm damaged tree has fallen completely to the ground, the storm damaged tree may not be stable.

Tree surgeons near Dunes City do their best to prioritize storm damage tree work when it happens. A fallen tree on a house or a tree that is blocking a driveway receives a greater level of urgency than a fallen tree in the middle of a yard or a few broken tree branches that need to be hauled away.

It should be no surprise that some quality tree surgeons near Dunes City only take on storm damage tree removal jobs for past clients if there are a lot of storm damaged trees to be fixed or removed. This is where it pays off to have a past relationship with the local tree surgeon.

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