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The warm climate of Mountain Brook, AL provides a long growing season and allows landscape trees and shrubs to grow at a fairly rapid rate. Properly maintaining your trees will beautify your property, keep your trees and shrubs healthy, and keep your property safe.

Tree Pruning

Landscape trees require a higher level of maintenance than their forest counterparts. Not only do we want the trees to look good and enhance the beauty of our properties, but they need to be safe so we can enjoy our landscapes in ease.

Professional tree services that work in Mountain Brook prune trees to maintain and enhance their current form. The genetics of a tree have a lot to do with how it grows. Tree services can alter the form of a tree to a certain degree, but the best arborists work with what nature has provided to properly prune a tree, increase its beauty, and keep it safe by removing the dead tree branches.

Shrub Trimming

The southern climate of Mountain Brook allows for the planting of a number of different shrub species. Professional trees services that work in Mountain Brook, AL know that various shrub species require different shrub trimming techniques. For instance, pruning a flowering shrub at the wrong time of the year can have an adverse effect on how much it flowers in the future. There is also a number of different techniques tree services use when trimming overgrown shrubs. This too depends on the species of the overgrown shrub. Some shrubs can be cut down to ground level and will spring back to life with new growth, while other overgrown shrubs must be carefully cut back a little at a time over a number of visits - often over the course of more than one growing season.

To find a professional tree service in Mountain Brook look for a tree service that employs ISA Certified Arborists and is a member of tree industry associations such as the Tree Care Industry Association or the International Society of Arboriculture. This helps assure that you are dealing with a tree service that knows how to properly prune trees and shrubs to tree industry standards.

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