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Providing Full Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Specializing in Tree Removal, Hazardous Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Emergency Storm Clean up, Deep Root Fertilization in Jackson County Georgia.

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Trees with a lot of large dead branches or structural defects should be inspected by a professional arborist. If the tree or tree branch could fall and hit a structure or injure someone the tree may be a hazardous tree. Campbell Tree Services has the skill, experience, and equipment necessary to safely perform hazardous tree removals. An arborist looks for many items when performing a tree inspection, including:

  • A tree with a lot of large dead branches.
  • Broken or dead branches hanging in a tree.
  • Tree cavities in the tree trunk or large branches.
  • Decayed or rotted wood on the tree trunk or large branches.
  • Mushrooms growing from the tree trunk, the base of the tree, or under the tree.
  • Cracks or splits in the tree trunk or large branches.
  • Large fallen tree branches.
  • Is the tree leaning.
  • Does the tree have any V-shaped branch or trunk unions.
  • Has any root injury occurred from trenching or other construction activities.
  • Have there been any soil grade changes that could have an adverse effect on tree roots.
  • Does the tree have normal sized leaves. Is the leaf color normal.


Jefferson, GA residents know that they are blessed with many large, mature landscape trees. Their trees provide many benefits such as added property value, shade, and beauty. Proper tree pruning is necessary to retain these benefits as ISA Certified Arborists, have the necessary skills to prune the large trees commonly found in Jefferson.

Many arborists know that pruning large trees is a little different than pruning young trees. Large trees cannot recover as easily as young trees from over pruning or improper pruning cuts. Large pruning wounds take longer to heal, so an arborist needs to be certain of the need for every pruning cut that is made on a large, mature landscape tree. 


Even though we prefer to save trees it’s sometimes necessary to have landscape trees removed. Tree removal is one of the most dangerous occupations which is why it makes sense to hire a professional tree service.


The first step in cleaning up storm damaged trees is to look for any phone or electric wires damaged by fallen trees or broken tree branches. If there are any fallen wires the phone or electric company should be immediately contacted. Keep all people and pets away from fallen wires - even though they are on the ground they may still be energized!

Many Tree Services perform emergency tree work and clean up hundreds of storm damaged trees in and around the Braselton, GA area. Cleaning up storm damaged trees can be tricky due to the unusual pressures exerted on fallen tree trunks and tree branches. Our arborists have both the skill and equipment needed to safely remove and clean up storm damaged trees.


Tree and shrub health begins in the soil. Landscape trees and shrubs in Commerce, GA can be subjected to a number of unhealthy soil conditions such as restricted areas for root growth, pollution, construction damage, lack of adequate water, or soil compaction. If the natural soil biology is disrupted the result will be sick or stressed trees and shrubs. A regular tree and shrub fertilization program can get trees on the road to recovery by putting extra nutrients into the root zone of the trees and shrubs. Our arborist can inspect your trees or shrubs and let you know if tree and shrub fertilization would benefit your landscape plants.


Sick trees and shrubs can be helped if insect or disease pests are caught in time. Our arborists are familiar with the disease and insect pests commonly found in the Jefferson, GA area. We can inspect your trees and shrubs and recommend treatments to help sick trees and shrubs or provide preventative treatments when necessary. Some insect and disease control treatments are time sensitive, so contact an Arborist as soon as you think there might be a problem with any of your trees or shrubs.

If your trees are displaying any of these conditions they should be inspected by a Certified Arborist. Our arborists perform thousands of tree inspections each year in Arcade, GA and throughout Jackson County. We can advise you on the health of your trees, recommend treatments to help sick trees, or remove hazardous trees.


Landscape trees are subjected to more structural stress from ice, rain, snow, or wind than their forest counterparts. These stresses, along with poor tree structure, can lead to branch or trunk failure. Tree failure can result in property damage, personal injury, or the health or beauty of the tree may be compromised. Tree cabling or bracing can help reduce the possibility of tree branch or trunk failure.

Arborists use two techniques to give structurally weak trees extra life and support: tree cabling and rigid bracing. Tree cabling involves using galvanized cable to secure two or more tree trunks or branches together. Rigid bracing entails using threaded steel rods to add support to weak branch unions or split tree trunks. Campbell Tree Services has extended the useful life of many trees in Braselton, GA and throughout Jackson County with the use of tree cabling and bracing.

Most Jackson County GA Tree Services offer professional tree care to:
Arcade, GA
Braselton, GA
Commerce, GA
Hoschton, GA
Jefferson, GA
Maysville, GA
Nicholson, GA
Pendergrass, GA
Talmo, GA
and everywhere else in Jackson County, GA

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