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Honolulu HI Tree Service
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Maunawili, HI

Several banyan, and other landscape trees, are falling victim to a tiny insect that is literally sucking the life from landscape trees. Once the insect population reaches a high level arborists are given no choice but to remove infested trees.

The insect making waves in Maunawili is the Lobate Lac Scale. Arborists discovered Lobate Lac Scale on Oahu in the fall of 2012. Since then, the scale insect has been found on a variety of landscape plants. Most notably is the banyan trees that provide welcomed shade throughout the islands.

After hatching from their eggs this scale insect crawls around the plant looking for a feeding location. At this stage of their life the insects can also be carried to new host plants by birds or animals. Once a suitable feeding site is found the insect inserts its mouthpart and begins feeding on plant juices. As the scale population increases the plant is deprived of vital water and nutrients and begins to decline.

Lobate Lac Scale insects can be hard to locate on a plant because they look like a small bump on the bark and may be only on higher tree branches. One clue to the presence of this insect pest is black sooty mold. The black mold can be found on leaves, branches, driveways, or anything else under an infested tree. Sooty mold grows on honeydew excreted by scale insects that are feeding on trees or shrubs.

This scale insect is known to feed on about 200 different species of trees and shrubs in the United States, but arborists can control the insect if the population isn't too large. Tree spraying, insecticide soil drenches and tree trunk injections have been found effective in controlling Lobate Lac Scale insects. Proper watering, mulching and reducing soil compaction can also help a plant resist damage from these insect pests.

Lobate Lac Scale1

Lobate Lac Scale adult. Photo: Jeffrey W. Lotz, Florida Department of Agriculture.

Sooty Mold

Black Sooty Mold on citrus leaves caused by insect feeding. Photo: Don Ferrin, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center,

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Sooty Mold1

Black Sooty Mold caused by insect feeding. Photo: Joseph O'Brien, USDA Forest Service,


Most tree care services in He'eia, HI offer emergency tree care after storms. Severe storms in He'eia can cause broken tree branches or may cause an entire tree to fall. Tree care services in He'eia are called on to remove broken limbs, fallen tree branches, or to remove fallen trees from houses after a storm. Removing storm damaged trees is some of the more dangerous tree work that a tree care service in He'eia will perform. Storm damaged trees are often left at odd angles and the pressures on the tree branches that are propping up the trees are not predictable. Arborists in He'eia that remove storm damaged trees use extreme caution to safely remove storm damaged trees.

If a homeowner in He'eia needs emergency tree care after a storm it is equally important for the homeowner to make sure the tree care service is properly insured. There are some individuals that own a chainsaw and a pickup truck that consider storm damaged trees an opportunity to make a few extra bucks. Consider this: a professional, insured tree care service is probably not going to be going door to door after a storm to try to get work. Homeowners in He'eia should know that they are responsible if an uninsured worker is injured while working on their property.

If you have a storm damaged tree on your house or in your yard it should be approached with caution. A storm damaged tree that is touching electrical wires may be energized and could pose an electrical hazard. Also, unless the tree has fallen completely to the ground, it may be unstable and could fall at any time and without warning.

Tree care services in He'eia try to prioritize tree work after a storm. A fallen tree on a house or a tree that is blocking a driveway is more important than a fallen tree in the middle of a yard or a few fallen tree branches. Some tree care services in He'eia may only remove storm damaged trees for past clients if there are a lot of storm damaged trees.


Honolulu, HI

The Honolulu City Council just passed a resolution that requires city park officials to notify the public whenever they plan to do a tree removal. We don't know if this applies to storm damage tree removals.

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