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It’s a shame, but a few Hartford, CT tree services still offer tree topping. Research has demonstrated that this age-old practice is not the best tree pruning method to insure tree health and longevity.

Tree topping can be defined as cutting tree branches at a predetermined point without regard to lateral tree branches or tree branch diameter. ‘Rounding a tree’ at a set height would be an example of tree topping. At one time in Hartford it was believed this tree pruning practice was the best method to keep a tree from becoming too tall or could be done to help a tree “fill out”.

What tree topping really does to a tree is create numerous wounds that will probably never heal and will shorten the lifespan of a tree. When a rapid regrowth of “suckers” occurs the impression is that the tree topping helped the tree, but this is simply the tree responding to unnatural branch loss with genetics and survival tactics. Each tree species is genetically programmed to reach a certain mature height and will keep trying to reach this height even if it is topped. The sudden loss of branches immediately places the tree under stress because it has lost its food manufacturing system - its leaves!

Quality tree services in Hartford can reduce tree height by using a tree pruning technique called Crown Reduction. This method of tree pruning will reduce tree height while retaining the natural shape of the tree. If you need to find a tree pruning service in Hartford look for a tree service that has an ISA Certified Arborist on staff or is a member of local or national tree care organizations such as the Tree Care Industry Association. While membership in such organizations isn’t a guarantee of performance, it does display a certain level of commitment on the part of the arborist or tree service to remain up to date on proper tree care techniques.

Tree topping hurts trees by:

  • Creating many wounds on the tree that will not heal
  • Allowing decay to easily enter and weaken the tree structure
  • Removing an excessive amount of food-manufacturing leaves
  • Causing trunk wounds due to sunscald
  • Increasing insect feeding on new, succulent growth
  • Using up food reserves in the process of putting out “sucker” growth
  • Increasing storm damage potential in the future when the new growth gets large
  • Creating future hazards to people or property underneath topped trees
  • Increasing future tree maintenance costs
  • Reducing the useful lifespan of the tree
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