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Harrison County TX Tree Service
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all about trees

License #AR-1784

For Professional Tree Service,
with a Personal Touch
Contact us today for your
Complimentary Tree Care Consultation


[email protected]

    The tree care services we offer include:

  • Tree Trimming to remove dead or broken branches.
  • Tree Removal to safely remove dead or dying trees or remove hazardous trees.
  • Tree Evaluation and Diagnosis to determine the right treatments to keep your trees and shrubs healthy.
  • Plant Health Care Programs to control insect or disease pests on trees & shrubs.
  • Storm Clean-Up to remove damaged or fallen trees or tree branches.
  • Shrub Trimming or Removal to keep your landscape plants looking their best.
  • Root Aeration to increase soil oxygen and reduce soil compacting.
  • Tree Fertilization to keep your trees and shrubs as healthy as possible.
  • Soil Amendments because tree fertilization alone may not be enough to maintain plant health and vigor.
  • Tree Cabling & Bracing to support weak branch unions on multi-trunked trees.
  • Tree Spraying to control tree insect & disease pests.
  • Emergency Tree Services when a quick response to a damaged tree is necessary.
  • Lightning Protection Systems to prevent storm damage to your trees.
  • Tree Consultation to evaluate what type of tree care will benefit your trees.
  • Stump Grinding to add the finishing touch to a tree removal job.
  • Air Spade Excavation to check for, and remove, girdling roots.
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All About Trees provides expert tree care services to Harrison County, Texas; Bossier Parish, Louisiana; and Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Our tree specialists offer many vital tree care services to maintain or improve the health and vigor of your valuable landscape trees and shrubs. We offer tree care services with a personal touch. All landscapes are not the same which is why we tailor our tree maintenance programs based on the trees and shrubs on your property.

You should contact All About Trees
tree service if:

  • Your trees have large dead branches.
  • There is a crack in a tree trunk.
  • There are hollow or decayed areas on a tree trunk.
  • You have broken branches in a tree.
  • Tree branches need to be trimmed away from your house, driveway, or roof.
  • Bark is peeling from the tree trunk.
  • You need tree or shrub advice on how to maintain your new landscape plants.
  • Mushrooms are growing on the tree trunk or under the canopy of a tree.
  • Insects are eating the leaves of your trees or shrubs.
  • Lower branches need to be pruned from your trees
  • Leaves falling from your tree have black or brown spots on them.
  • You have fallen or uprooted trees.
  • You have overgrown shrubs that need to be trimmed and shaped.
  • Tree branches are growing near phone or electric wires.
  • Any of your trees have V-shaped branch unions or multiple trunks.
  • The soil under a tree is heaving or lifting.
  • You want to save a dying tree.
  • You need a stump removed.
  • You suspect there are borers in your trees.
  • You need advice on what kind of tree or shrub to plant.
  • You have a tree or shrub with discolored leaves.
  • You need a tree spraying service.
  • A tree has fallen on your house or garage.

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