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The tree services in Harris County, TX provide a variety of tree care services throughout the Houston, Texas area. Professional tree services near Houston are licensed, insured, and train their arborists according to defined tree care industry standards. Houston tree care services offer a variety of landscape services to keep your trees healthy and safe and your landscape looking good.

Houston tree services keep residential and commercial properties looking their best by offering services such as:
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Diagnosis
  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Removal of Fallen Trees
  • Tree Spraying
  • Insect & Disease Control
  • Brush Chipping
  • Shrub Trimming
  • Tree Trunk Injections
  • Tree Planting
  • Removal of Storm Damaged Trees
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Fertilization
  • Land and Lot Clearing
  • Tree Consultation
  • Shrub Removal
  • Emergency Tree Removal


There's a reason tree services recommend grinding a stump after a tree removal is done. Not only does stump grinding improve the appearance of your landscape, but it is important for the health of your remaining trees. The decay fungi that inhabit old tree stumps can infect other trees in your landscape. Old tree stumps could also provide a haven for insect pests or rodents and make lawn maintenance more difficult.

Houston stump grinding services will grind the stump to below ground level. The resulting wood chips can be used in other areas of your landscape and the hole can then be filled with topsoil and the area can be seeded or sodded. When tree services grind up small tree stumps it may be possible to plant a new tree in the same spot.


Tree trunk injections can be used to control a variety of insect and disease pests that attack landscape trees. The benefit of insect or disease control with tree trunk injections is that the treatment targets just the pest that is attacking the tree. Beneficial insects are not harmed with tree trunk injections because the beneficial insects are not feeding on the tree.

Insect Control with Tree Trunk Injections

Arborists are able to control a number of harmful insect pests with trunk injections including:
  • Adelgids
  • Aphids
  • Black Vine Weevils
  • Elm Leaf Beetles
  • Eucalyptus Borer
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Lacebugs
  • Leafhoppers
  • Leafminers
  • Mealybugs
  • Pine Bark Beetles
  • Pine Tip Moth
  • Psyllids
  • Royal Palm Bugs
  • Sawfly
  • Scale Insects
  • Tree Borers
  • Whiteflies

Tree Disease Control with Tree Trunk Injections

Several tree diseases prevalent in the Houston area can be controlled with trunk injections. A partial list of tree diseases controllable with trunk injections includes:
  • Anthracnose
  • Beech Decline
  • Oak Wilt
  • Phytophtora
  • Pine Wilt Nematode
  • Pythium
  • Sudden Oak Death

Tree Fertilization with Tree Trunk Injections

Certain trees in the Houston area, especially Oak trees, are prone to micronutrient deficiencies. If you have yellow Oak leaves there is a good chance the tree is suffering from a micronutrient deficiency. If this condition is left untreated the Oak tree will eventually die. Some Houston tree services offer tree trunk injections with the necessary micronutrients to bring your tree back to a healthy condition. Depending on the severity of the micronutrient deficiency, one trunk injection may last for two or more years.

Reducing Tree Growth with Tree Trunk Injections

If you have a tree that is getting too tall or too wide a tree service may be able to help. Tree injection technology allows arborists to inject tree growth regulators to slow the growth of landscape trees. Originally developed for the line clearance industry, tree growth regulators have now found their place in maintaining and increasing the useful life of landscape trees. A side benefit of using tree growth regulators is that treated trees may be less prone to tree disease infection. One tree growth regulator treatment usually slows tree growth for up to three years.


When storms or hurricanes damage your trees many Houston tree services are only a phone call away. Many tree services around Houston have tree crews available 24/7 to perform emergency tree removals. When you have storm damaged trees a Houston tree service can:
  • Remove fallen trees.
  • Remove leaning trees.
  • Remove uprooted trees.
  • Chip up fallen tree branches.
  • Remove trees blocking your driveway.
  • Grind stumps from storm damaged trees.
  • Trim storm damaged branches from trees.
  • Clean up brush from storm damaged trees.
  • Remove trees from houses, decks, and garages.

Inexperienced tree cutters are a common sight in the Houston area after a storm or hurricane. Most of these tree cutters are not insured which puts you at risk. You could be liable for their medical bills if they get hurt working on your property! For your peace of mind it is worth taking the time to confirm a tree removal company has liability and workman’s compensation insurance before the tree service starts removing any storm damaged trees on your property.

For Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming, or any other Tree Care Service within Harris County Texas, please fill out the form below.

If you are a tree service company and would like to learn about listing your Texas Tree Service Company on this page, please visit our Tree Service Advertising page for more information.


The best person to consult when deciding what kind of tree to plant is a local arborist. A local arborist is familiar with the trees and shrubs that grow best in the Houston area. The arborist can advise you on which tree species are likely to require extra maintenance due to insect or disease pests and which tree species are relatively pest free. Picking the right location to plant a tree is an important consideration. A local arborist can let you know if the species of tree you want to plant will outgrow the place you want to plant it.


Tree trimming is one of the most popular tree care services requested of Houston tree services. Proper tree trimming keeps your trees safe and healthy which increases their value to your landscape. A professional tree climbing arborist can quickly determine which tree branches should be trimmed from a tree and will have the equipment to efficiently clean up tree trimming debris. Tree services in Houston are often called upon to trim trees to:
  • Shape ornamental trees.
  • Trim dead branches from a tree.
  • Prune off diseased tree branches.
  • Trim broken branches from a tree.
  • Prune off branches that are too low.
  • Remove weak or hazardous tree limbs.
  • Remove storm damaged tree branches.
  • Trim trees growing too close to other trees.
  • Trim branches that are rubbing against each other.
  • Open up tree canopy to allow sunlight to reach lawn.
  • Trim young trees to establish proper branch structure.
  • Cut back tree branches near a house, garage, or office building.
  • Clear tree branches growing too close to signs, roads, sidewalks, or driveways.

Professional tree climbing arborists don’t use tree spikes when trimming trees. A skilled arborist only uses spikes when removing trees. Quality arborists are trained to make proper tree pruning cuts and a professional tree service will clean up all of the tree trimming debris from a pruning job.


Most tree services in Houston are in the business of saving trees, but there are situations where tree removal is unavoidable. Tree removal is one of the most dangerous services a tree company performs. For this reason, and for your peace of mind, it’s crucial to make sure that the tree removal company you hire has liability and workman’s compensation insurance.

The most common reasons Houston tree services are called to remove trees is:
  • Dying tree removal.
  • Remove a fallen tree.
  • Removing dead trees.
  • Removal of a hazardous tree.
  • Removing a tree that is too close to a house.
  • Removing a tree that is crowding another tree.
  • Tree removal to make room for a home addition.
  • Removing a tree that has outgrown its planting location.

Tree climbing arborists use many techniques to safely remove landscape trees. When necessary, the arborist uses lowering ropes to safely remove trees without damaging homes, lawns, other trees, or other landscape plants. Tree removal arborists can remove the tree branches, haul the wood from your site, and grind the stump after the tree is removed.


Some tree services in Houston offer land and lot clearing. Large land clearing projects are done with specialized tree removal equipment and smaller lot clearing jobs are done by hand cutting. There are several steps involved in land and lot clearing and a land-clearing tree service can guide you through the process. Some Houston tree services can:
  • Perform large land clearing using specialized tree removal machinery.
  • Clear small lots by hand cutting.
  • Dispose of brush and tree debris by tub grinding.
  • Help determine if you can offset land clearing costs by harvesting timber.
  • Perform stump grinding and stump removal from a land and lot clearing.
  • Perform root removal after a land and lot clearing operation.
  • Level and grade the cleared land or lot.
  • Seed the cleared land or lot for erosion control.
  • Brush hog the cleared land or lot to maintain vegetation control.
  • Perform herbicide treatments to maintain vegetation control.

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