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Cincinnati arborists and tree services still get calls from homeowners wanting to get their trees topped. This age-old tree pruning practice, long proven to be detrimental to trees, still lives on. Most Cincinnati arborists - especially ISA Certified Arborists - will take the time to educate homeowners on the negative effects that tree topping has on trees. Unfortunately, there are still a few arborists, uninformed landscapers, and overly ambitious homeowners that believe cutting off the top of a tree will somehow benefit the plant.

What is tree topping?

Tree topping is the cutting of tree branches at random points on the tree branch. It can also be cutting a tree back to a certain height without regard to the existing branching habit or tree structure. Sometimes tree topping is done out of fear of tall trees or to help a young tree “fill out”. In reality tree topping will not solve either of these conditions and has several other harmful effects on trees including:

  • Reducing the ability of the tree to make food for itself
  • Stimulates unhealthy tree sprouting
  • Can make the tree susceptible to insect or disease pests
  • Promotes the growth of weakly-attached branches
  • Tree topping may kill the tree
  • Destroys the natural form of the tree
  • Increases tree maintenance costs - trees need to be pruned more often
  • Uses up the trees’ food reserves in the production of new sprouts
  • Increases the formation of decay pockets in the tree branches
  • Increases the potential for storm damaged tree branches

What is proper tree pruning?

How can you tell if a tree is properly pruned? You have to look closely at the tree to see that it was pruned. Most of the tree pruning was done on the interior of the tree canopy and, at a glance, it should look the same as before the tree pruning was done. The natural form of the tree should be the same, but the arborist would have removed dead branches, crossing branches, or weak branches.

Tree topping can ruin a tree - sometimes for the remainder of its life. When you need to find a tree service in Cincinnati look for professional, quality-oriented tree services. These would be tree services that employ ISA Certified Arborists, or are members of organizations such as the International Society of Arboriculture or the Tree Care Industry Association or a tree service that has received TCIA Accreditation.

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