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Gwinnett County GA Tree Service
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Providing Full Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Specializing in Tree Removal, Hazardous Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Emergency Storm Clean up, Deep Root Fertilization in Gwinnett County Georgia.

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Grayson, GA homeowners value their trees, but there are circumstances when tree removal is necessary. Our ISA Certified Arborists can help you determine if tree removal is necessary or if your tree can be saved. Many Tree Services have the skill and equipment needed to take care of your tree removal needs when no other choice is available. Tree removal may be necessary if:

*You have a dead or dying tree.
*Too many surface roots are in the lawn.
*You have a hazardous tree.
*Mushrooms are growing on the tree or around the base of the tree trunk.
*You need to removal a tree for a construction project such as a home addition.
*A tree is crowding out other trees in your landscape.
*You need to remove a tree to accommodate new landscaping.
*The tree is too close to your house or garage.
*Tree roots are lifting your driveway, sidewalk, or patio.


Suwanee, GA sees its share of storm damaged trees every year. Although this can’t be prevented it’s good to know that a professional Tree Service will respond quickly when clean up of storm damaged trees is needed in Gwinnett County. Our tree service can do everything from clean up fallen tree branches to remove a fallen tree from a house.

Preventative tree care can reduce the potential for storm damaged trees. Instead of waiting for a tree to fall on your house request a tree inspection from one of our ISA Certified Arborists. With our training and experience we may be able to point out and fix potential tree problems before a catastrophe occurs. Call today to arrange an appointment for a tree inspection from an ISA Certified Arborist.


Healthy and maintained trees and shrubs are an asset to your property that gains value with each growing season. One of the best means to improve this asset is through proper tree and shrub pruning. Properly pruned trees and shrubs are safe, healthy, and add beauty to your property. Our ISA Certified Arborists know how to prune the tree and shrub species that grow in Snellville, GA and are trained to prune trees and shrubs according to tree care industry standards.

Why prune trees?

Unhealthy trees present safety and property liability issues to homeowners. Hazardous trees - trees with large dead branches or structural defects - could be a danger to anyone passing under the tree. If tree branches are blocking signs or are growing too low they could interfere with motorists. Our arborists also recommend trimming branches near phone or electric wires before they become too large.

Tree pruning can maintain the health of your valuable landscape tree by removing dead tree branches or pruning diseased tree branches. Thinning the canopy of a tree removes rubbing tree branches and the increased air movement can reduce the severity of some tree diseases. Periodic tree pruning encourages proper tree structure which minimizes the potential for storm damage. Pruning broken tree branches encourages proper wound healing.

Proper tree pruning enhances the natural beauty of your tree. Our arborists work with the unique form of each tree to improve its inherent character.


One of the best services to keep your trees and shrubs healthy is tree fertilization. The trees and shrubs in Duluth, GA have a long growing season. Adding nutrients to the soil assures your trees can grow as healthy as possible. Our arborists use deep-root fertilization as the technique to add nutrients to the soil. This method places the tree fertilizer in the root zone of the tree or shrub for best uptake and puts the fertilizer below the root system of the lawn. Most of our tree and shrub fertilization is done in the spring or fall.


As soon as you notice you have a sick tree or shrub you should give a reputable Tree Service a call. Our ISA Certified Arborists are familiar with the tree and shrub diseases common in Lawrenceville, GA and the entire Gwinnett County area. Signs that your tree or shrub may be in trouble include brown or black spots on leaves, bark peeling from a tree, leaves falling from a tree or shrub in late spring or early summer, or light green foliage. Our arborists can diagnose the tree or shrub problem and recommend treatments to save your tree or shrub. We offer tree spraying, soil injections, and tree trunk injections to control insect and disease pests found on trees and shrubs in Lawrenceville. Some insect and disease control treatments are time-sensitive, so do not hesitate to call for a prompt inspection of your trees and shrubs.


Mature trees can develop structural defects over time. When these defects endanger homes or other urban spaces the tree becomes a hazardous tree. Hazardous tree removal is dangerous and requires a highly skilled arborist which is why you should contact Professional Tree Services when you need a hazardous tree removal done. Our ISA Certified Arborists inspect hundreds of trees in and around the Lilburn, GA area every year. We can safely remove a hazardous tree and haul away the brush and wood.


Trees in Norcross, GA are destroyed by lightning every year. Lightning can change a centerpiece tree in your landscape into a hazardous tree in the blink of an eye. Tall objects naturally attract lightning, this can’t be prevented. What can be done to protect valuable specimen trees is to install a lightning protection system. Just like lightning protections systems on tall buildings, lightning protection for trees works by discharging ground to air electric charges that build up during certain storms. A properly installed lightning protection system for trees can reduce the potential for damage during a lightning storm and give you peace of mind. A lightning system in a tree will need periodic maintenance to make sure all components are intact and to accommodate tree growth.

Most Gwinnett County GA Tree Services provide professional tree care to:
Duluth, GA
Grayson, GA
Lawrenceville, GA
Lilburn, GA
Norcross, GA
Snellville, GA
Suwanee, GA
and anywhere else in Gwinnett County, GA

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