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Tree trimming can be the best, or worst, thing you do for your landscape trees. It depends on who has the saw in their hands. All too often homeowners in Battlefield, MO, with the best of intentions, incorrectly trim their landscape trees. Tree topping and leaving stubs in trees are two of the most common mistakes homeowners in Battlefield make when trimming their own trees. Likewise, saving a few dollars by hiring someone that is not a certified arborist can wind up being a costly mistake. Sometimes, once the incorrect tree trimming is done the tree cannot recover.

There are many reasons to trim a tree and tree trimming should be done with a purpose in mind. Young trees are often trimmed to help the tree develop a proper structure for future growth. Trimming trees when they are young means making smaller pruning wounds, and these will heal quicker than larger pruning wounds. An experienced arborist can envision how the young tree will develop and can trim weak, defective, or competing branches before they grow to become a major portion of the tree canopy.

Middle-aged tree trimming may involve continued structural development, trimming of excess interior canopy growth, trimming away from buildings, or raising of the lower canopy for improved clearances. Having landscape trees trimmed on a regular pruning cycle will not only keep your trees looking good but may also minimize storm damage. How often you should trim your trees can depend on a number of factors including the tree species, age, and location in the landscape. An arborist familiar with the tree species around Battlefield can advise you on how often your trees should be trimmed.

If a large, mature landscape tree has received regular care over its lifetime its trimming needs may be relatively minor. The volume of debris that is removed from a large, well maintained tree may be quite a bit less than what is trimmed from a tree half its size. Large tree trimming sometimes involves only pruning dead branches that could be hazardous if they fall. Large landscape trees should also be regularly inspected to look for cracks in branches, branch unions, or cracks on the main trunk.

When it comes to caring for your landscape trees it’s reassuring to know that the cost is being put towards a growing asset. Research has shown that a mature, well maintained landscape adds to the value of a home. Tree and landscape maintenance should be performed by a knowledgeable, professional arborist. Look for a tree service that is a member of local, state, or national professional organizations such as the Tree Care Industry Association. Some professional tree services near Battlefield also employ one or more ISA Certified Arborists.

The cost of tree care is an investment into a growing asset that gains value every year. In the tree care industry price and quality often go hand in hand.

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