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Galveston County, TX Tree Care
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Dickinson, TX

[email protected]

If you need to find a tree service in Galveston County contact Root, Branch ‘n’ All. Our arborists will provide you with fast, friendly, safe, and professional tree care services. We service residential, commercial, and municipal clients and offer competitive pricing as well as the highest quality tree service in Galveston County.

Root, Branch ‘n’ All, located in Dickinson, TX, has been providing a variety of tree care services to Galveston County since 1992. By providing tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree feeding we can keep your trees healthy, safe, and beautiful. We provide tree service for the entire Galveston County area, from League City to Jamaica Beach and Friendswood to Texas City.

Our tree maintenance services include:

Root, Branch ‘n’ All Tree Service can help with your tree care needs throughout Galveston County including:

  • Bacliff, TX
  • Bayou Vista, TX
  • Clear Lake Shores, TX
  • Dickinson, TX
  • Friendswood, TX
  • Galveston, TX
  • Hitchcock, TX
  • Jamaica Beach, TX
  • Kemah, TX
  • La Marque, TX
  • League City, TX
  • San Leon, TX
  • Santa Fe, TX
  • Texas City, TX
  • Tiki Island, TX


Root, Branch ‘n’ All Tree Service is available when you need a tree pruning service on Tiki Island. Tree pruning benefits trees by:
  • removing dead tree branches
  • eliminating crossing tree branches
  • pruning low tree branches
  • clearing branches that are too close to your house

Periodic tree pruning can also help reduce storm damage to trees by increasing the air movement through the canopy of your tree. With the long growing season on Tiki Island proper tree pruning cuts heal quickly and this can be sped up even more if tree fertilization is done after we prune your trees.


The warm climate of Galveston County cities such as Clear Lake Shores allows for a wide variety of trees to be planted in our landscapes. Tree feeding is sometimes necessary to get the best growth out of your landscape trees and to keep your trees as healthy as possible. The arborists at Root, Branch ‘n’ All Tree Service can diagnose your trees and shrubs and recommend what plants would benefit from tree feeding. We recommend tree feeding after tree pruning to speed the growth of callus tissue over pruning cuts.


In the tree care industry tree removal has come to be known as the treatment of last resort. While we prefer to save trees we know that tree removal is sometimes the best option under certain circumstances. We are most often called upon to give a cost for tree removal when:
  • a tree needs to be removed to accommodate new construction
  • a diseased tree needs to be removed
  • dead tree removal
  • a hurricane has damaged a tree beyond repair
  • a fallen tree needs to be removed

Our tree removal service usually includes the cost to remove the entire tree including the tree branches and branch and trunk wood. We recommend stump grinding after a tree removal, but we will give you a separate price for stump grinding.


The most common tree service we provide to our clients is tree trimming. We can help you with trimming of large, mature trees as well as ornamental tree trimming. Periodic tree trimming helps all trees stay healthy, but is especially important in exposed areas like Jamaica Beach where storms and hurricanes can cause severe tree damage. Storm damage can be reduced with tree trimming by opening up the canopy of the tree so the wind blows through, instead of against, your tree.


If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your tree call the experts at Root, Branch ‘n’ All Tree Service for a tree diagnosis. We can identify insect and disease pests and make recommendations on how to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. Trees are the largest component of your landscape and we will do our best to keep your trees as healthy as possible.


Tree stumps that are left after a tree removal only detract from the beauty of your landscape. Stump grinding is the best and quickest way to get rid of unsightly tree stumps in your landscape. When stump grinding is done not only do you reclaim a little more of your property, but you also prevent decay fungi that could infect other trees from becoming established in your landscape.


Even if you prune or remove your own trees, getting rid of tree branches can take longer than the tree pruning or tree removal work. The quickest and most efficient way to dispose of tree debris is with a brush chipper. If you have a pile of tree branches we can give you a price to dispose of your tree branches by grinding them up with a brush chipper.


We have split firewood for sale and a variety of different wood available for BBQ wood. If you need wood for a fireplace, firewood for camping, or wood for backyard fires, we can help. We also have hickory, fruit, and mesquite wood available for BBQ wood.


Trees are the largest, and often the most important component, of your landscape. Keeping trees healthy not only increases the safety of the trees on your property, but also increases the value of your property. When you need help evaluating the health of your trees contact the tree experts at Root, Branch ‘n’ All for a tree consultation.


Whether you have tree debris from doing your own tree pruning, or tree removal, or from storm damaged trees, we can help. We can haul away unwanted tree debris such as fallen tree branches, wood from a tree removal, or tree stumps. Having us take care of your tree debris removal not only saves you a lot of work, but it gives you more room in your yard and may improve the appearance of your landscape.


Sometimes curiosity gets the better of our feline friends and they wind up stuck in a tree. This can be stressful for both the cat and the pet owner. Give us a call at 281-337-4783 if you have a cat stuck in a tree.


Sometimes tree damage happens in the blink of an eye with no apparent reason. When you suddenly find yourself with a tree on your house or a fallen tree in your yard, or a large fallen tree branch across your driveway, you can count on the arborists at Root, Branch ‘n’ All Tree Service. Give us a call when you need a tree service to remove a fallen tree or clean up fallen tree branches in your yard. We can also prune broken tree branches and remove hanging branches from your mature trees.


Galveston County seems to get more than its fair share of severe weather in the form of wind storms and hurricanes. These weather events can wreak havoc on our precious landscape trees. If you have wind damaged trees or hurricane damaged trees, Root, Branch ‘n’ All Tree Service is here to help when you need a tree service to remove storm damaged trees. We can remove storm damaged trees, haul the wood from your property, and grind uprooted tree stumps.

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