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Fort Bend County TX
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Live Oaks and Red Oaks are the most common oak species in Texas that are affected by Oak Wilt. This deadly tree disease was first discovered in Dallas County in 1961, but has since been confirmed in more than 60 Texas counties, including Fort Bend County.

If you live in Greatwood and have an Oak tree it is advisable to know the signs and symptoms of Oak Wilt. It's also important to know that there are only certain times of the year when oak tree trimming should be done. This knowledge can lessen the likelihood of your oak tree becoming infected, and killed, by Oak Wilt.

The leaves of oak trees that are infected with Oak Wilt will first take on an olive-green color and have a water-soaked appearance. The tips of the leaves will turn brown and there will be a definite line between the brown and olive-green portions of the leaves. The infected oak tree will start dropping leaves quickly.


Another clue that your oak tree might be infected with Oak Wilt is if there is streaking in the sapwood of the tree branches. Oak tree branches or twigs at least one inch or larger in diameter can be checked for brown streaking in the sapwood. A pocket knife can be used to cut into a few branches, just under the tree bark. Not all oak trees infected with Oak Wilt will display streaking in the sapwood, but if you see this streaking it's a good indicator that the tree is infected with Oak Wilt.

The insects that spread Oak Wilt are attracted to fresh tree trimming wounds. Oak tree trimming in Greatwood should be performed during the dormant season whenever possible. If your oak tree is damaged in a storm then you have no choice but to trim the tree, but the pruning cuts should be painted. It's also advisable to sterilize pruning tools when moving from one oak tree to another.

Some tree services near Greatwood offer fungicide treatments to help control and prevent Oak Wilt. This type of oak tree disease treatment is injected into the trunk of the tree. While this type of Oak Wilt control is not 100 percent effective it has been shown to reduce the potential of Oak Wilt infection. This fungicide treatment will not prevent an oak from becoming infected through a root graft. So, if an infected oak tree is near a tree you want to protect it may be necessary to do root pruning or trenching between oak trees to prevent root graft infections.

The arborists and tree services near Greatwood can be a valuable resource to help you protect and keep your oak trees healthy. Of course, as an informed oak tree owner your trees will have an even greater level of protection. So:

Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of Oak Wilt.
Whenever possible, trim oak trees during the dormant season.
Protect your valuable oak trees with fungicide trunk injections.
Root-prune or trench to isolate Oak Wilt-infected oak trees.


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