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Fairfield County CT Tree Service
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For many trees in Waterbury, CT the reason insect pests and tree diseases attack trees can be traced to problems with tree roots. Unhealthy conditions for tree root development will place a landscape tree in a stressed condition. Research on trees has concluded, and this should be no surprise, that stressed trees are more likely to be attacked by insect pests or infected by tree diseases.

In many cases a tree service can solve this condition with tree fertilization. By fertilizing a tree the tree service ensures there are adequate nutrients in the soil for the tree roots to absorb. There are, however, situations where just tree fertilizing is not enough, or is not all that is needed to help a sick tree. Two other problems that tree services in Waterbury often encounter are soils with a pH that is too high for a particular tree species and trees growing in compacted soils.

Most trees prefer to grow in slightly acidic soil. Soils with a pH of 6.5 - 7.0 are ideal for the majority of trees commonly planted in Waterbury. If the soil pH is too high a tree may not be able to absorb certain nutrients essential to the development of healthy growth. Tree services in Waterbury that offer services such as tree fertilizing can test your soil pH or send a soil sample to a laboratory to determine the soil pH. If it turns out the pH is too high the tree service can lower the soil pH by applying sulfur or injecting soil acidifiers, like citric acid, into the soil. Depending on the soil pH, more than one treatment may be necessary.

Compacted soils restrict tree root growth by physically slowing root growth, limiting the amount of oxygen in the soil, and reducing the movement of water into the root zone of the tree. Tree services in Waterbury can use a variety of methods to correct soil compaction. Deep-root tree fertilizing can create fractures in the soil to create pathways for tree root growth. Soil augers are still occasionally used to improve air and water movement into the soil. The newest method used by some tree services in Waterbury is an air spade or air knife. These devices aerate the soil with high pressure air.

It’s important when you have a tree service maintaining your trees to work with an arborist that will take a comprehensive view of the health of your trees. Not all problems can be seen on tree leaves and branches - some hide, unseen, underground.

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