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Our professional, tree climbing arborists are familiar with all the tree species that grow throughout El Paso County. This assures you that your tree will be trimmed correctly. A poor tree trimming job can ruin a tree and detract from the beauty of your landscape. We have been providing tree trimming in El Paso County for many years and have thousands of satisfied tree care clients. Give us a call if you need tree trimming to remove broken tree branches, cut back tree limbs that are too close to your house, or need dead tree branches removed. Proper tree pruning not only improves the beauty of trees, but it keeps trees healthier and safer, too.


We are happy to provide tree service to the following areas in
El Paso County, Texas:
  • Clint
  • El Paso
  • Fabens
  • Horizon City
  • San Elizario
  • Socorro

When you need a tree service right away tree service may be needed to remove fallen trees, remove trees from houses, remove storm damaged trees, or for the removal of hazardous trees.  This type of tree removal is extremely hazardous and should be done by professional arborists. We can remove storm damaged tree branches, haul the wood from your property, and can grind an uprooted tree stump.

Tree removal has become more necessary than ever in El Paso County due to the dry conditions we’ve experienced recently. Our tree climbing arborists can remove drought damaged trees, remove dead trees, or remove trees that are too close to your house. We routinely remove the tree branches and wood, but will leave the wood if you want a low cost tree removal. Our professional arborists can even recommend the best replacement tree species if you decide to replace the tree that is being removed.

Stumps in El Paso can take years to naturally decay due to our dry climate. Stumps are also an unnecessary distraction in an otherwise beautiful landscape. Our stump grinding service grinds a stump to below ground level, leaving you woodchips that you may be able to use in other parts of your landscape. We can grind stumps after we remove a tree or grind a stump from a tree you took down yourself. It’s usually cheaper to have us do your stump grinding than the cost, time, and effort it takes to rent a stump grinder.


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